Friday, September 8, 2017

May 2017

...And that's a school year wrap!



5.6.17 Trinity River Audobon Center

5.11.17  Kindergarten Mother's Day Brunch at Wesley Prep - My favorite!

She can put down Daddy's ribs like a champ!
Spring 2017 artwork

5.14.17  My mom's belt on Mother's Day

Slept through church, but made it through Mother's Day brunch at Rapscallion.

Please admire and be jealous of the perfectly cooperative 3 year-old and bed forehead.  #reality

5.16.17  Mother's Day art for Grams
5.22.17  First Day September 2016 / Last Day May 2017
Mrs. Cathy and Ms. Judy (sub)

5.24.17  Kindergarten Kaleidescope

Letter "K" and "A"va A.
5.25.17  Ms. Yesenia and Mrs. Cathy - last day of MDO

Last Days - Official shot
September 2016 / May 2017 

5.26.17  Last day of Kinder party.

Mrs. Madden, what would we have done without you this year?!?

Mrs. Linda always has a rough last day.  Bless her.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

April 2017

In April, we GAVE...

...gymnastics a try.  4.3.17

Ridgewood Gymnastics

...thanks for our friends.  4.4.17

Annual HPUMC Mom's Group Easter Egg Hunt {Fay House}

The Bigs

Mirror, mirror...  4.5.17

...these fellow NCDS'ers a run for their money.  4.7.17

NCDS 2017 Bike-A-Thon

Last year of Parent's Day Out

...Sawyer a SLIGHTLY shorter haircut.  Not ready for the big boy cut yet.
...Purple Crush a good game!  {Chloe Voss}  4.8.17


 The Ryan Gibson Foundation spawn

...thanks for a lot of blood, sweat and tears it took to write another donation check to Leukemia research.

Arkansas Children's Hostpital NWA

...Hatchimals a try.

...thanks to God for giving us his only Son.

...thanks for these wonderful ladies and friends.  {me, Kimberly Barrett, Brittney Henderson, Mama G, Pam Barrett, Jennifer Gibson}  4.15.17

...flying airplanes a go.

Grams and PopPops front porch was a fantastic runway!

...broken rules a try.  No standing on the Skull & Crossbones kids...

...PopPop's shoulders a try.

Dying eggs in Grams' apron that I dyed eggs in as well.

Easter at Central UMC Fayetteville, AR.  4.16.17
...Mrs. Melissa a birthday surprise drive-by.  4.18.17


...our last hugs to our best buddy.  Thank you Tarpon, Tarpona, Bubby, Bubbers, Big Red Dog, for being our best friends for a little over 12 years.  We will never forget you.  4.21.17

Always wants to be like big sister.

Daddy Daughter Dance 2017  4.22.17

...our daughter her first corsage.

....Daddy a few dances.

...lots of smiles. evening to reggae. 4.26.17

...a few brush strokes to the Wesley Prep art show.  4.27.17

Scottsdale, AZ  4.28.17

...the Mommies a weekend away. {Andrea Weber, Sara Davis, Mommy}

...funny faces with our sweet babysitter.  {Alondra  Arellano)  4.28.17