Sunday, January 7, 2018


8.3.17 Cayman's self-portrait.  I see some resemblances to Grams' self-portrait circa 70's.  Ha!

Summer 2017 art by CEH and SLH

8.4.17  This young brother of mine turned 40...does this mean I'm officially old?  Stuart George, you are the best!

8.5.17  These two celebrated 45!

"The kids" sent a lot of helium filled fun on a VERY windy day!  Thanks to Glenda Graves for her delivery services!!!

The most wonderful...

I mean...  circa 1972

Cayman and her BFF at Wesley Prep, Ava S.

8.6.17  Balmy day at the Dallas Arboretum.  

Photographer Cayman.

This awesome chick also turned 40!  Cynthia Nichole, keep rocking around this world!

Feo's concoctions at Rapscallion

8.8.17  Dog days at the Frog Pond.  {Sawyer, Cayman, Grayson, Allie and sad Andy} 

{Allie Potts, Cayman}

8.917  This day marked Cayman's finale at NCDS.  We are so thankful for this precious, loving education base we have had for both our kiddos...and the year-round day breaks for Momma no less.  Cayman Effic since 15 months!

8.9.17  Last Day.  Ms. Veronica Salazar  (Mrs. Tricia not pictured) and Ms. Karen Wooldridge "5/6's"

Ms. Laura and Ms. Riley "3B Class"

Just one more...

8.12.17  Dropping the kids at Disneyland, aka, Grandma and Grandpa's in Waxhaw, NC via Charlotte Airport.

10 YEARS in Puerto Rico.  Art provided by Cayman.

8.13.17  Biking the beautiful Rockefeller Nature Trail on the property that was once a Laurence Rockefeller estate.

Meanwhile, back in Charlotte with the cousins. 

8.13.17 Amazing Spa Botanica

8.14.17  Fishing widow for the day.  Rough day on the seas though....'s not all that bad though.  

8.15.17  Eastern island and El Yunque Rainforest explore day.

Why El Yunque, what big leaves you have!
Quick post rainforest stop in Old San Juan.  Had apps and yummy cocktails at  Princesa Gastro Bar.  Paseo de la Princesa in the background.

8.16.17  Western Island:  We would have loved to explore more of this beautiful island, but HOLY MOLY, the traffic was brutal and we only made it to Crash Boat Beach for some trash snorkeling and Aguadilla for lunch at Rompeolas and more trash snorkeling, but that beach had really cool beach glass!  There are way too many people and not enough infrastructure  on this little island!

That's my name!

Meanwhile, back at Disney, I mean NC.  The cousins got to learn all about taking care of and riding horses from Miss Shawna, Maggie's trainer.

Go Cayman Go!

Dinner at MiCasa by Jose Andres

8.17.17  Incredible formations along Dorado Beach.

This...  ....and little did we know what was about to happen to this beautiful island and it's Caribbean sisters...
It was nearly 10 years ago to this day that we found out we were going to have to move our wedding from beautiful Grand Cayman due to Hurricane Dean. Who knew it would all work out just swimmingly in St. Thomas.  Sadly, losing a few wedding guests, it still made for an even more memorable day!  Grand Cayman managed to get pretty luck that year.  Houston, Puerto Rico and many of her beautiful Caribbean sisters did not.  Praying these islands' scars fade as quickly as the tide.  "You can't control the weather."

...Hurricane Harvey from a couple 100 miles away...  

View for the week (East Beach Ocean Reserve)

Sports Connection.  According to Grandmas, one of the noisiest places on Earth.  Notice the kid who couldn't hang, but tried to.  The video of this was priceless!

Paella night at Mi Casa

8.18.17  The tidal pools just steps from our casita were amazing and full of life in and out of the water!!!!

Last day.  We explored, we pooled, we beached, we cocktailed, we watched one more beautiful sunset.

Picture does no justice.  {A Queen Conch and I}  

Watched one of these handsome creatures swim by.  {Peacock Flounder}

"Put the Rum in the Coconut...."

8.19.17  Thank you Hook and Dorado Beach for a wonderful week.  Here's to many more trips around the sun, MSB.

8.20.17  Beach loot!

8.21.17  Eclipse viewing attempts...

We will know next time not to waste our time on cereal boxes and holes in paper and just find the best nearby shade tree!

8.21.17  Meet the classroom day!


These adorable Osh-Kosh overalls have been around the block! {Mom and Sayward (left), Adriane (top), Sawyer (bottom)}

8.22.17  First day of Primer!  I mean.  Stop time!  Pleeeease!!!

So proud of his new, borrowed, batman undies!

Cayman and Mrs. Perley!  Primer, here we go!

8.25.17  A day at the Dallas Zoo with the Smith cousins!

We love the giraffes.

Feisty Cheetah!

First tram ride for all of us.  I was always too afraid we would have to climb down off of it from a ladder...  Beckett always looks like that.  Ha!

These two.  

Hook...and a hook.  - Water Grill

No kidding?!?  Who do we run into a week later, but Jeanne and Patrick, from the pool in Puerto Rico!  Small world?  I would say so.   

8.25.17  10 Year Anniversary Dinner!  FT33  {My groom, my maid of honor and her groom}

8.26.17  How many Harmeling cousins does it take to feed Beckett a bottle?

Posing in their "Moana dresses".  from HI 2016

Rub-a-dub-dub, three cousins in a tub.

Squeaky clean group shot {Sawyer 3, Cayman 6, Alexis 2, Beckett 7mos}

Skip, skip....

8.30.17  Ran into one of Tarpon's sisters while visiting the ducks on Lakeside.  She's from the litter prior to Tarpon.  Tear... 

8.31.17  Back-to-school trims!  Is it already that time again!?!