Thursday, October 12, 2017

June 2017 - Summertime in the City!

It's Summertime in the City...let the travel begin!

6.1.17  On the plane again...just can't wait to...

Bedtime books by Big Daddy are hard to beat.

6.2.17 The Resort at Longboat Key - Sarasota, FL

Post sushi gelatto. Only in America.

Be still my heart.  UAMS, we've seen too much of you this year...  Little Rock, AR

6.3.17  COFFEE MILK!  Hahahaha!  Inside joke.

Captain Johnnie takes the Harmeling and Butterfly fishing.

Great day on the water!


He likes to catch them, but doesn't like to look at them....

Not a bad Snook Daddy.  Fish of the day!

Captain Johnnie annnnd Captain Coffrin?  No chance we didn't catch fish!  

Great Blue Heron - Dry Dock Waterfront Grill {yummy!} Longboat Key, FL

6.4.17  How many Harmelings does it take to fly a kite?

Just a little storm and water spout rolling in...

Exploring high tide with Big Daddy.

A + H + C + S do the beach 2017

Thats my name!

6.8.17  A little sibling love...and they are both looking at the camera?  They must have felt God's presence.  HPUMC Dallas, TX

How we did Buffett 2017.  Not awful.

6.11.17  Water balloon kind of day.
6.15.17  Sawyer the comedian.  Miss Jessica and Ms. Carrie at Ridgewood Gymnastics

6.18.17  Sawyer does Father's Day

Cayman Does Father's Day

Daddy by Cayman

My hero.

6.16.17  Tooth #4 Lower Right Lateral Incisor

Still in awe of my dear, old friend Nikki.  Amazing.

Kalapana flow update.

6.21.17  Just catching up after a long day at school.

6.22.17  LOVE'S gas station Somewhere, OK.  Off to Grams and PopPop's

6.23.17  Cayman helping Grams feed the birdies

Caught in a deluge on our walk.  Mommy's old stomping grounds, Chi Omega House  940 W. Maple.

Chi Omega Greek Theatre - University of Arkansas

Arkansas River rock pile + Uncle Stu's backhoe + PopPop's truck = heaven.  Vintage toys are the best!  They looked like they had experienced a bad spray tan.

One of their favorite spots on Earth.  I know it's mine.

Whaaat?!?  Uncle Stu like Transformers too?  See journal notes *
*6/11/17 {S} More than meets the eye...TRANSFORMER! You've been sick over a week with a false (-) strep turned positive. So, another trip to see Dr. Moore and we discovered your love for Transformers.  I promised you and C a trip to Toys R Us for a toy, which is totally not my style, but after a long weekend with Big Daddy, I promised him I would take you to pick something out when we got back to D.  Transformer for S and a new hula hoop, water balloons and a "surprise toy" for C.  Needless to say, Optimus Prime hasn't missed a nap or night's sleep since Friday's arrival at 5510 Bonita.

Grams' flowers

6.24.17  Yup!  My spot.

A parade is a parade!  NWA Pride!

NWA Sunsets.  Cardinal & Straw.

Adriane Harmeling's mind at 12 years old


Proof that Tarpon wasn't much of a chewer.  He loved that "purple baby".  We would ask him to  "go get your baby" and he would always go find it.  

6.30.17  Happy THREE-AND-A-HALF BUDDY!

Cayman had her first legit sleepover with Brooks Farrell.  She had a ball!  How are you old enough for this already...?

Claire Davis, Brooks Farrell, Cayman Harmeling

These mamas are brave!  Remy Davis and Shannon Farrell.

Bedtime movie with little brother Henry