Monday, January 23, 2017

October 2016

10.1.16  School pictures - Age 2 years 9 months.  I secretly miss the Olan Mills style of the last few years, but how cute is he?

10.2.16  Dallas Arboretum, Fall has officially arrived!
Still warm enough to wade...or swim for that matter.

10.3.16  Tooth #2!  (5 years, 7 months)

10.4.16  Stitches...Round 2.  Sawyer's head met the coffee table.

10.6.16  She could have been an internet sensation, ha!  

10.8.16  Go Hogs!  These two are such the pair.  



10.12.16  Lilly, Mills, Wyatt, Jack K., ?, ?, John Mark, ?, Amelia, Cayman, Ava A., Martha Bonner, ?, Matthew
10.13.16  One of the best concert venues evahhh!
10.13.16  Jimmy Buffett at Red Rocks - Hook, Pete Moulds, Sean, Pam Moulds, myself, Bec

10.15.16  Just off the plane from CO and on to Cattle Barons Dallas, TX.  Promise, we had our boots on!  What a great night!  Lovely job Co-Chair Andrea Weber and crew.

10.19.16  My pirate and mermaid
10.19.16  HPUMC Playgroup Halloween Party - Lila, William, Andy, Grayson, Harrison, Palmer, Chloe, Sawyer S., Grace, Emmeline?, Claire, Macy?, Sawyer, Allie, Cayman

10.21.16  Turns out, she's really good at Yahtzee!

10.24.16  The Morgan's were passing through Jasper and did a drive-by of Grandma and Grandpa's house.  There were lots of great days spent in and around here.

10.23.16  SMU BEATS #? Houston!  Celebrating on the field with Sterling Brown

10.25.26  Bryant, Dad and Stuart had a great trip to S. Dakota for a little pheasant hunting

10.25.16  Wesley Prep Pink Panthers - Ava A., Stella, Cayman, Martha Bonner, 

10.31.16  Dress up day at Wesley Prep - Cayman Kinder - Mrs. Madden's class

10.31.16  Halloween pre-party at the Blythes

10.31.16  Keeping up tradition.  Cayman and Palmer's annual trick-or-treating picture.

10.31.16  Happy Halloween 2016!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

September 2016

9.1.16  Swinging with Big Daddy - Jacksonville, FL


Hermine in person...  - St. Augustine, FL

Mindy and Lee's little pre-wedding Razorback shower.  {Chare, Kristie, Glenda, Mindy, Cindy, Me, Betsey, Julie, Bliss}
9.2.16  Pre-Rehearsal Dinner

Meanwhile, back in Jacksonville.  Bass fishing in Big Daddy & Fe's backyard.

9.3.16  Blushingly beautiful wedding party 

The winds finally calmed down enough for a shelling opportunity.

My handsome date.

9.4.16  Big Daddy, Cayman and Hook made out for a bit of fishing.

Cleaning up the Scout.  1992 edition

9.6.16  Meet the teacher day for Cayman.

9.7.16  First day if Kinder...

9.8.16  First day of Older 2's - Mrs. Cathy

Tooo bright mom!

9.9.16  Finally...first day or Kinder for this 5 year old.  - Wesley Prep

Mrs. Linda

Mrs. Madden - Owl Room

9.10.16  First soccer game - Wesley Prep Panthers

9.13.16  Sick day / Park day / Daisy Chain - Glencoe Park

9.14.16  "Things I love" by Cayman

9.18.16  Mini Mustang Camp

9.18.16  Cayman's "It's All About Me Tee"

9.19.16  "Ohhh say can you see..."

9.27.16  Rivals for the day.  Cayman Harmeling and Chloe Voss

9.29.26  Two years, nine months