Sunday, April 2, 2017

November 2016

Another November to be Thankful for...

11.1.2016  Wesley Prep Panthers Fall 2016 Kinder Soccer Team - Preston Hollow Park

First Trophy!  Undefeated Season, so these trophies were actually earned!

Fall in the Park

11.5.2016  Family Photo Shoot at Grams and PopPops - Fayetteville, AR

Jara Hill working her magic as always!

11.5.2016  Thankful for these group shots!  STAGGS, HARMELING, SMITH FAMILY

The 5 Grands...and one on the way!  Can't wait to meet baby Smith #2 in January!

Off to her first Razorback football game!  Be still my heart.

Go Hogs!  Beat the Gators!!!

Whooooooo Pig Soooie!


Dylan, Cayman, Brookelyn (aka Cayman's sister), Sawyer - Springdale CC

Kinder 2016

Mrs. Madden, Wyatt Peterson, Mills Broer., James Crigler,, Jack Klitsch, Ava Alaniz, Lily Gibson, Amelia Collier, Cayman, Martha Bonner Brady, Grayson Dorman, Nicholas Fernandes, Matthew Coats, John Mark Martinez

11.9.206  First Build-A-Bear experience.

11.12.2016  Justin Garrity's 40th - The Highlander - Dallas, TX

Snow skiing Justin

Sweet, sweet boy

Sawyer H., Elliott Soon, Tucker Wertz, Truitt Wertz

The H.2 S. Trio

11.17.2016  Mallory, Sawyer, Cayman - BIG D

Melissa + Adriane = LYLAS - Dallas Arboretum "Twelve Days of Christmas"

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

11.18.2016  Peruna!

This crew!  Sawyer, Drew & Ashton Noonan, Cayman

In my "big boy underwear".  Officially potty trained!

11.23.2016  Movies with this guy.  MOANA!

Thanksgiving at the Webers!

11.29.2016  I mean, best buddies.  He loves his PopPop soooo much!

11.30.2016  Arrived in West Palm!

We love FALL in Fayetteville!

Monday, January 23, 2017

October 2016

10.1.16  School pictures - Age 2 years 9 months.  I secretly miss the Olan Mills style of the last few years, but how cute is he?

10.2.16  Dallas Arboretum, Fall has officially arrived!
Still warm enough to wade...or swim for that matter.

10.3.16  Tooth #2!  (5 years, 7 months)

10.4.16  Stitches...Round 2.  Sawyer's head met the coffee table.

10.6.16  She could have been an internet sensation, ha!  

10.8.16  Go Hogs!  These two are such the pair.  



10.12.16  Lilly, Mills, Wyatt, Jack K., ?, ?, John Mark, ?, Amelia, Cayman, Ava A., Martha Bonner, ?, Matthew
10.13.16  One of the best concert venues evahhh!
10.13.16  Jimmy Buffett at Red Rocks - Hook, Pete Moulds, Sean, Pam Moulds, myself, Bec

10.15.16  Just off the plane from CO and on to Cattle Barons Dallas, TX.  Promise, we had our boots on!  What a great night!  Lovely job Co-Chair Andrea Weber and crew.

10.19.16  My pirate and mermaid
10.19.16  HPUMC Playgroup Halloween Party - Lila, William, Andy, Grayson, Harrison, Palmer, Chloe, Sawyer S., Grace, Emmeline?, Claire, Macy?, Sawyer, Allie, Cayman

10.21.16  Turns out, she's really good at Yahtzee!

10.24.16  The Morgan's were passing through Jasper and did a drive-by of Grandma and Grandpa's house.  There were lots of great days spent in and around here.

10.23.16  SMU BEATS #? Houston!  Celebrating on the field with Sterling Brown

10.25.26  Bryant, Dad and Stuart had a great trip to S. Dakota for a little pheasant hunting

10.25.16  Wesley Prep Pink Panthers - Ava A., Stella, Cayman, Martha Bonner, 

10.31.16  Dress up day at Wesley Prep - Cayman Kinder - Mrs. Madden's class

10.31.16  Halloween pre-party at the Blythes

10.31.16  Keeping up tradition.  Cayman and Palmer's annual trick-or-treating picture.

10.31.16  Happy Halloween 2016!