Friday, June 29, 2012


We are so darn proud of my dad and his company KiOR (renewable fuels company that has developed a proprietary technology platform to convert biomass into renewable crude oil) for a fantastic celebratory NASDAQ bell-ringing this morning!  Gave us all chills to watch.  Dad has been commuting back and forth between Houston and Fayetteville, AR since 2006, which was also the year of his "retirement".  He has thoroughly enjoyed his work with KiOR and now after a few years of hard work, he will be slowing down a bit so he can spend more time in AR and a little less time in Houston.  We are so proud of the work he and his company is doing to make this planet a little bit cleaner.  We are also very proud of Mom for her support and patience through Dad's "retirement"!  She deserved her time in the spotlight just for that reason alone, ha!

KiOR Celebrates One-Year IPO Anniversary

KiOR will celebrate the one-year anniversary of its initial public offering by opening The NASDAQ Stock Market in New York City today Friday, June 29, 2012.

Fred Cannon will preside over the NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony beginning at 9:20AM until the official market open at 9:30AM Eastern Time.

We invite you to share in this achievement for the company by viewing a live webcast of the event at:

NASDAQ Opening Bell 06.29.12 KiOR- CNBCHD
 (Please disregard the raw footage, background chatter, panting dog and Cayman commentary)

 NASDAQ Marketplace 06.29.12 KiOR pt.1

NASDAQ Marketplace 06.29.12 KiOR pt.2

Interview with CEO Fred Gannon:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh hail...

{sorry for a bit of delay, I was in the process of updloading a new photo program and I ran across some kinks and couldn't access my photos...and I mean, who wants to see a post without photos of this cute little mug?}
We were a guest of Emery and Robyn Gray at Little Gym P/F yesterday. Think she had fun?

So, on with the latest and greatest...sort of...Cayman was running a slight fever (was about 99% sure it was due to some molars trying to push through) so we decided to spare the possibility of infecting our playgroup and instead potentially infect some of our friends who just moved into the nearby lovely neighborhood of Hollywood Heights / Lakewood. may have heard about Dallas' small, but BIG hail storm last Wednesday...need I say more.

Calm after the storm

Such a sad day in such a wonderful neighborhood.  Luckily, no one was hurt, just a lot of wonderful old homes, cars, landscaping, etc...  Never experienced anything like it, WILD!

Kalee and Brandon, sorry about your beautiful new home, but CONGRATULATIONS!  They are expecting a baby right around New Years!  We are super excited for them!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First day of "school"...

...well really, it's Mother's Day, so really it's a free day for me, ahhhhh.....  Cayman is attending Northway Christian one day a week this Summer.  The first day went quite well in my eyes.  She was a bit hesitant to go to the teacher at drop-off, but then clung to her arm for a bit.  Think she was a bit shaken by two other crying babies, sorry, toddlers.  She ate, played and drank from sippy cup well, then napped for about 45 minutes, which honestly, was more than I thought we would get.  All in all, a great day. I think this will be nothing but a fantastic experience for her (and I).  Socialization can't be bad for anyone.  ...and Miss Courtnee, I think she will be great.  I will try to be a better mom and take some picts of her and teacher, etc....


God blessed North Carolina...

...what a beautiful state...and it doesn't hurt that we have beautiful family all over that state as well.

day 1:  Drop by in the Harmelings III home in Charlotte to meet Miss Chappell.  What a sweet little baby she is.  Then off to the mountains to visit Big Daddy (Hook's father) and Fe (Brenda).

Proud Aunt A
Proud Uncle Hook
I was enamored with Chappell's cinnamon roll hair do, or could have been the fact that it was late afternoon and we hadn't eaten since breakfast.
Aunt Jen with the first borns, cousins Cayman & John T
En route to the Blue Ridge mountains!  There was a slight delay due to a blow out...not the car (not a photo opp...).

DAY 2: A fabulous day in the mountains with John and Brenda.  They spend half the year in the mountains of NC and the other half in sunny FL.  Talk about the best of both worlds!

Connestee Falls, the pictures do no justice!

DAY 3:  Leave the mountains for Charlotte, play date with a birthday buddy, finally lay our head in Waxhaw.

Look close, we had a hitch hiker!
Elizabeth and I met each other in Mrs. Kelsay's pre-school in Magnolia, AR.  We reconnected thanks to Facebook when we realized our due dates were so close.  So close that the girls, Caroline and Cayman were born on the same day!  One in San Fran, the other in Dallas.  Caroline and her family now reside in Charlotte, so we HAD to take advantage and schedule a play date for the girls.
Needless to say, Cayman was soo happy to see Grandma!

 DAY 3:  John T's birthday party and an afternoon at Plum Nellie

This was our attempt at a group shot of the grandbabies.  You may notice that there were no photos from John T's birthday party....well....Cayman was so tired that she overslept until 8:30, so we didn't get out of the house in time to make it.  Sorry John T, we failed you. 
The natives were quite restless, so restless that it took 2 grandparents the wrangle.
Chappell is crying, John T is outta there.
My intention was to crop the grandparent's heads out, but opted to share the hilarious expressions!
Grandma taking a minute to eat lunch, ha!
Hook and I took the Ranger (ATV) out for a spin of the Plum Nellie farm land and its sights.

Grandpa's tractor!  Cayman loved all the levers and buttons!

Cayman meets Daisy the Percheron and Dallas the Paint.  FIRST time seeing/touching a horse.  She thought it was funny.

She insisted on walking barefoot in the hay.

I loved this series with Grandpa Randy

Again, she loved the tractor!

 DAY 4:  Church, lunch, back to Dallas.

Sweet Chappell (6 weeks) in her FAVORITE position and adorned in an outfit from my parents. 
This photo sums up our flight home.
This was the most welcome sight to the later of our day, as we split off from daddy in Charlotte, he had work in Wilmington, so we really were happy when the kennel stayed open a little later to release our "guard dog" to us.

As you have witnessed, our trip was a whirlwind and we still didn't get to see all of the NC family, not even close.  We'll just have to plan another visit, but first, we will catch up on our sleep.