Thursday, September 27, 2012

Word of the week...

Word of the week...late Thursday...


Yep, it was inevitable...I would miss the Wednesday deadline to blog at some point, the question was just...when?  Oh well, that's life.

So, in honor of Wednesday, Cayman has now slept right at an hour, on a cot, at MDO (mother's day out), two weeks in a row.  If you have been following the blog, this is huge for Miss Cayman!!!  You see, she's a night owl = late morning sleeper = not ready to nap at the early hours of 12:30.  Guess all that walking around tires a girl out!!!  I kept this news in last week (other than a slip in last week's video), as I did not want to jinx our progress.  

Cayman and I had a really nice, busy weekend in The Woodlands (burbs of Houston) visiting Cayman's cousins Rowan and Reed.  It's quite surreal that they are so close!  So close, that Uncle Stu dropped in for dinner tonight before driving back home.  He drove into Dallas yesterday for work stuff.  We are just tickled to have them sooo close!!!  Here are a few pics of the you will see, our hands were full with all 3 + furniture shopping so I wasn't very good at documenting the trip, especially when it came to getting shots of all 3 of them + they are all QUITE busy people.

Sensing a trend?

We actually had all 3 in the bath at one point, but why would I ever want that photo opp...darn it!

Saturday morning at the Houston Children's Musuem, rocked!
Great action shot at one of the many playgrounds/splash pads in The Woodlands
Seriously...the only shot of all 3...  See, busy.
Cousins reaping the rewards of Auntie A and Aunt Meleesa's furniture shopping sprees

Have a great weekend all! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Word of the Week Wednesday

Swingin'... Little Gym. the park. the family pet.

A last minute Happy Birthday wish to Aunt Melissa today!  We are actually off to visit her, Stuart and the kiddos in Houston on Friday.  I do believe we will be their first overnight guests in their new home. We are super excited!!!  
Daddy (Hook) is off to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this weekend for another fishing/"work" trip.  We wish him safe travels and tight lines!  Think it's about time to rename the

Friday, September 7, 2012

Another First Day...

Another First Day....

I know this decision we made to put Cayman in two schools this school year has really confused you folks...sorry...good thing is, it isn't confusing Cayman too much.  Again today, she turned away from me to reach out her arms to one of her two new teachers and away she went to her first day at Wesley Prep.  We hear it is a GREAT school, so I'm anxious to see where things go with this one. Even though Fridays are short days, we hope she fits a lot into that 2 hours and 50 minutes!

That's Cayman in the back trying to decide what to play with first.

I'll shoot pics of her with her teachers next week.  Things were a bit hectic this morning at drop-off.

Have a good weekend all!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School Daze

Word of the Week Wednesday

"School Daze"

Cayman starts her first full school year in Mother's Day Out today.  She will attend Wednesdays at Northway Christian, a lovely school where she attended MDO this Summer, and Fridays at Wesley Prep.  We are excited to see how this year goes....and of course, the big question, "To nap or not to nap?"...stay tuned!

...sooooo, she did not nap, but surprisingly, she stayed on her cot and stayed quiet all through naptime.  At home we are still in the crib, so this is why we were super surprised.  Altogether, a great day.  When dropping her off, she went straight to Miss Ivy (left), no hesitation (considering she climbs in othere moms laps at Little Gym, this comes as no surprise) and Miss Angela (right) is outgoing and sweet too.
Northway is familiar, so we'll just hope Friday goes just as great....and we aren't there long enough for a nap, so easy breezy!