Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome to the world Miss Ella Chappell Harmeling!  

Cayman's 4 cousin arrived just about an hour ago!  We CANNOT wait to meet her in June!
We love you so much already Chappell!  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

1, 2, 3 Come to Me!

Here is a quick video of Cayman's final swim class.  We had lots of fun water time.  This wasn't an intense "learn to swim" class, more just to get her used to water.  Although, we did some underwater stuff which didn't seem to bother her!  Hope this is a preface for future water activities!
That last video may not have been easy to view.  Let's try this way.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Learning to Love Each Other

Our first born, Tarpon Charlie Redlands Harmeling, being the elder age of 7, is now of the cantankerous sort, so his patience for his little sister hasn't necessarily been so that she is his main source of delicious accoutrement...we believe he might be coming around just a bit.  

Note: Tarpon's signature lean and Cayman's term for every dog she see's, "oof off". 

...OH...and we got another molar today...who knew?!?!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

HOLY MOLAR!  Where did that come from!?!

One thing Cayman hates more than for her mom to dig in her mouth...hence, that tooth could have been there a day or two...  Of course, we also weren't really expecting any molars quite yet.

One thing Cayman does love...toothbrushes!  Gets that from her mommy.

Note: No babies were harmed in this photo shoot (e.g. photos #2,3,4)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 Chihuly...ahhh, the anticipation!

So today, we spent the morning at the arboretum with Whitney and Harrison Everhart.  Isn't he the cutest?  His daddy all over again!  You may notice Cayman pulling on her hat.  In anticipation for our long weekend in Florida next week, we are working on hat wearing...she is not a fan.   

We (I) have been super excited about the  upcoming Chihuly exhibit at the arboretum, also opening next weekend, so I was very happy to get a sneak peek of some of the exhibits today!

growing, groWING, GROWING!

So, here goes.  I know a lot of people start these blog things then don't keep up...I will do my best and bare with me, I'm learning.  Thought this might be more effective than the random photo emails.  
Sooooo....since we have missed the first year, we'll just start this way...