Thursday, May 31, 2012

When it rains it pours...

So in our last post we discussed the fact that Cayman finally pulled up on her own, but had never sat happened.  The child who HATES to be on her tummy, rolled to her tummy, sat up and proceeded to pull up...rewind, repeat, rewind, repeat.  Let's just hope she can figure out how to lay down on her own at bedtime tonight so she can actually get some sleep 12 hours of awakeness.

Proof is in the pudding:

Monday, May 28, 2012

In honor of Memorial Day 2012...

...Cayman did a standing ovation for our service men and women, yep, she finally braved up and stood up on her own, with a little help of her play pen!  Now for sitting up on her own, ha, in due time!  
It's apparent we have a very hesitant babe on our hands.  

Hope everyone had a very nice holiday weekend.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

She just won't stop screaming!

As of about a week now, aka. after getting spoiled a bit at Grams and PopPop's, our little angel has learned how to scream.  I'm not sure how to go after this we ignore her, calmly talk to her and tell her quietly, "mommy and daddy will start drinking (more) if you don't stop", scream back???  Open to suggestions...  Here is a photo of the result of tonight's screaming battle of the wills...she really wanted momma's glass of wine sitting on the table....daddy's solution =

Thursday, May 24, 2012

ChiO's, Piggies & Pigtails!

Let's skip back a few days.  While daddy and Tarpon held down the fort then jetted off to Vegas, Cayman and I headed up to Fayetteville for some Staggs family time, Chi O reunion festivities and a couple of birthdays.  Great long weekend had by all!

93' - 96' Pledge Classes
"Adriane Friederike Staggs" engraved in Old Main lawn
Pledge Class 94' at Chi Omega Greek Theatre

Cayman HAD to get some Madeline time (daughter to my pledge sister Glenda)!  Future babysitter anyone ;~)

Cayman's beautiful Aunt Sayward came to visit so she and I could celebrate our birthdays!
PopPop, Harrison (pledge sister Cindy's baby boy) and Cayman at dinner time.

WOOOO PIGTAIL SOOOIE!  The pigtails kill me...

Didn't actually get her saying "ittyyy", but patting 
the ground gets the kitties there too. (Hope these work???)
Pop Pop had to head back to Houston, but this little 
video made it a little better for him.

Blue is our favorite color today...

Our little lover boy Everett has arrived!   ...and according to momma, if he continues to be as easy as he came into this world, then momma, daddy and sister Mallory shall be very, very lucky!  

Congratulations Morgans and welcome sweet Everett.  

Warren "Everett" Morgan
7lbs7oz  20.5"
May 23, 2012 at around 3pm
Little Rock, Arkansas

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waiting for Godot....or in this case Everett

We are anxiously awaiting Morgan baby #2.  I am secretly and selfishly hoping he arrives a couple days before his 5/23 induction date. wink, wink!
Melissa, you look absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to hug 
your neck and squeeze those two Morgan babies of yours!

Since we are on the topic....

...lots of babies have been in the works.

Say & B's good friends the Groces welcomed William into the world.  William & Everett will be across-the-street neighbors and sure to have lots of fun together!
Introducing Parker Thomas McPheron.  Looks just like his big brother!

My sweet cousin Leigh Ann will welcome a baby girl in August!  

Cousin Jenna's (long story) sister Jamie is due any day 
now as well with baby boy Cregger #2.  Seems to be a boy trend!

"God bless our babies"

Monday, May 14, 2012

Miss these mugs...

I really, really, really am so needing to see these two faces!

                        cousins reed & rowan

We get to see these faces on Friday!  I have a fun weekend reuniting with some of my fellow Chi-O's in Fayetteville, very excited about that!
Grams & Pop Pop

We get to see these all of these faces in a few weeks when we visit Charlotte to officially meet the newest arrival, sweet baby girl Chappell...and a sweet little side-trip to visit B.D. & Fe in Connestee Falls!
b.d., fe, cousin john t, grandma (grandpa, not pict), aunt jen, uncle john

REALLY looking forward to seeing all of your mugs!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Wish we were still at the beach contd. ....

Aunt Jenna's attempts at capturing a fine group shot of the babies:

Attempt 1 - hilarious, but fail

Attempt 2 - more impromptu of course
Nothing like a seer sucker Sunday in the South

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Water Baby!

So we have a saltwater baby, not so much a sand or wave baby yet.  I would agree Cayman, those are such uncomfortable and frightening beach things...only a matter of time.  Every time Cayman saw the ocean or pool, she let out a cute new sound, a soft, high-pitched "Ohhh", I hope to capture it, as it is quite cute, but what does she do that isn't?
We had a great weekend with the Soons, Wertzes, Jennifer, Emmy and Bevin, celebrating the Knutson nuptials new Rosemary Beach, FL!   The weekend was well documented by the Jenna and Eric, but not by me.  Hope to get my hands on the those picts soon though.  Here is just a taste...

 welcome reception

 rehearsal dinner
 emmy condra, cayman

 a little pool break

 thank you for some delicious meals clayton & eric

a little Seaside food truck action on our way out