Sunday, April 28, 2013

Down South

After a week of patrolling the air for AirForce1 and Marine1 and avoiding secret service and crazy traffic for the exciting dedication of the Bush Presidential Library, we wanted to get out and about this weekend, so we spent some time South of Dallas.  Starting with a trip to the most yummy Boulevardier in Bishop Arts {thanks Davises}, then off to Cedar Hill State Park for my FIRST bluebonneting trip in the 13+ years I've lived in this state, then back to Bishop Arts for BBQ at Lockharts.  All in all, a good Southern weekend!  Apologies for my indecisive quantity of photos ;~)
the most wonderful bread pudding...I always forget to take photos when the food is still pretty
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Oops.  Hope the bluebonnet cops weren't around


She's finally keeping her sunnies on better!


We found #DallasBIG in Bishop Arts!  Too bad the photo competition is over @VisitDallas

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sad, sad homage.

It was rough day, particularly morning, in the Harmeling household today.  The dark cloud, also know as the retirement of our Rev. Mark Craig, finally cleared the skies today.  If you are a Highland Park United Methodist regular and you missed the service and his sermon this morning, add it to your "to do" list to watch this week (link below)!  There are no words!  Not a dry eye in the house.   Craig is definitely leaving behind a legacy and huge shoes to fill, but I have faith in our church and Rev. Paul Rasmussen and have no doubt that Dr. Craig's legacy is nowhere near over.

Looking to the Future

Dr. Craig, thank you for capturing my attention that day over a decade ago and not ever losing it.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So it took me hours to try to post this video...but apparently, when there is a copywritten songs involved, the video cannot be directly posted to a blog, etc...  It is long and it is just a link, but it pretty darn cute, so definitely worth the visit!  

'Til next time!

GRANDMA!!!! (aka. gaga)

GRANDMA made one of her two annual visits to Dallas this past weekend!  {if only they lived closer}  Here are a few shots from a very, very lovely, too short time.

What a cool way to watch Grandma arrive!  Mom's kids love this place!


 It's a beautiful day to raise some $$$ for St. Jude's! Notes of Hope 2013
 {Such a great event!  Cayman had an absolute ball}
FOR BROTHER:  She was quite enthralled with all the Star Wars
characters walking around, but not enough to get a photo with.   There is still a chance bro!


Another beautiful morning at TIETZE PARK!



If anyone knows me very well, they know I'm obsessed with clean teeth...I am actually a little angry inside when I have a dirty mouth.  With that being said, Cayman on the other hand, could care less.  She would rather eat the toothpaste and wants NOTHING to do with anyone brushing her teeth.  Just another taste of the TWOS.   So, last Thursday, off to the dentist we go in hopes he can talk some sense into her.  It was quite a pleasant 1.5 hour visit, decked out with a full rundown of what the hygienist an dentist will do, pulling out all the tricks and treats of course.  Oddly enough, her favorite part (as seen below) was the water gun and vacuum combo.  YES, I at 2, but it was worth the time and money just to have her allow me to brush her teeth without too big of a fight four times since our visit...thanks to a new sticker chart!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Toes in the snow...toes in the sand...

A few weeks ago, Cayman, Tarpon and I headed North to Arkansas and Hook headed South to Costa Rica.  Cayman and I had a lovely, relaxing visit with my parents, sister and many friends, while Hook had a few days of fishing.  

arrived in SNOWWWW (silent "S")
gym play date at the mall with Meredith (college friend) & her girls
sweet, sweet Molly (cousin Leigh Ann's babe)

Cayman loves her some Madeline (daughter of college friend, Glenda)
Mama G and Brookelyn hosted us for a "princess tea party"

...and even a bearded Austin! (childhood friend)

{There is a reason it's caused "fishing" and not "catching" ;~)  ...with that being said, Hook and Brooks Anderson caught a few Sailfish and Hook caught a personal record Dorado (aka Mahi Mahi, aka Dolphinfish).  75 lbs (standing World Record is 87 by the way).  Fishing wasn't incredible, but great times were had.  
ps. this is what Hook now does in his spare time:
You can also follow him on Facebook:

Jorge showing off dolphin size
Brooks, Hook, Minerva, Captain Jason

While the boys basked in the sun, the girls and dog weathered 3 snows and 30-40 degree weather, but still managed to keep warm by PopPop's fires.  ...and here goes my Crystal Bridges / NWArkansas soap box.  If you haven't been, GO, GO, GO!  We happened to catch the Norman Rockwell exhibit...WOW!  Got to tour the new 21c Hotel on Bentonville square...WOW!  It's a museum in itself.  ...and had a yummy lunch at Tusk & Trotter...YUM!  All within steps from each other.  Such an exciting time for NWA...and word has it, there is much more in store!

new install that week

lots of piggies in NWA

Norman Rockwell

funny lemon face

leaving is always bittersweet, especially when the weather turns
around...but, everyone was ready to see Daddy

Looking forward to a fun weekend hanging with Grandma Poole, celebrating Brooks and Sophie's birthdays and raising some money for St. Jude's at the Notes of Hope fundraiser!