Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rory Meyers Is Our Friend

So we think the Arboretum is, by far, the gem of Dallas.  As much children's activities as they always have going on, they never really had a true "playground" area for kids year around.  Well, we'll just say playground on steroids.  This was our first of many trips to the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden.  Actually, we already have passes for next Friday when the cousins come in town.   This trip consisted of Cayman's friends Chloe and Katherine Voss and Ellie Blythe.  







Thanks for a fun Friday morning gals!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I know we aren't quite finished with the month yet, but, as usual, this blog post is predictably long.  Our September has consisted of some of my favorite things....Cayman starting back to school, the beginning of college football season, birthday parties, Mumford & Sons, Fall'ish wx and puppies...?  Without further adieu....

Thrilled early in the day

Not so thrilled without a nap at the end of the day
Bad mom award...first time for Cayman to visit Daddy at the office

...and of course, she had all the girls swooning over her

No Fall weather about it, but college football has begun!  This cute group are all partial results of SMU alums.  The Requenez and Martinez families came all the way up from McAllen, TX to cheer on the Ponies!

San Francisco, Cali

So, Hook and I took our last pre-baby II "flying" trip to honor the 40th year of Dude Braselton.  A lot of the group had pre-week festivities in Napa.  I would have only been bitter, so we decided to forgo Napa and hit the tail end of the trip in San Fran for good food, friends, Cup races and some cooler weather.
A little Dude roasting.  Hook adorned himself in "Dude'isms" for the day.  Look close ;~)
A little Union Station shopping break 

Best goodie bag EVER!  The cookies even spelled out D-U-D-E in nautical flags...and delicious to boot.  I ate two "Dudes" all by myself...

The America's Cup Finals racing had to be one of the coolest things!  It was one of Dude's bucket-list items to check off.  Tune in tomorrow (Wednesday, 3:15CST) to hopefully see America's Team Oracle beat New Zealand for the biggest comeback in the history of AC racing.  
Some of the crew with THE CUP

Me, the bump & Hook

Out on the jetty for the races...

....the views weren't so bad...far...

...or near.  Must be a pre-qualifying-requisite to be hot to race sail boats.

At this point, everyone assumed there was no hope for Team US.  They won this race because Team New Zealand almost tipped over (quite exciting) and it put them at 0 - 6.  They actually started the Cup Finals at -2 because of prior penalties.  Now they are tied at 8 with 10 wins.  at 3:15pm Wednesday.

Last Wednesday, we saw Mumford & Sons at GEXA on the lawn with the Garrity's.
Good times were had by all ;~)

Disney Store at NorthPark Center (aka. Cayman's Heaven on Earth).  Cayman had an extra good day of potty training which resulted in our first Disney Store visit.  Needless to say, she was in girlie-girl heaven!
We tried to have a little less of a girlie-girl day on Saturday and headed out to meet some friends for some all-hands on soccer and beautiful weather at Abbott Park while Hook attended a wedding...

...and back in girlie-girl mode...on a stroll in HP with snacks, soccer socks and legs appropriately crossed.  
...and finally, our "pup" is such a good sport.
Here he is with a dish rag for a blanket...."shhhh, he's seeeping".

...drum rolllll!  Meet Gus, my "brother dog".  My parents, after many a years of doglessness, added another member to the Staggs team.  Oh my, don't you just want to eat him up?!?!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hook and I are a week out from returning from our almost annual trip to the Big Island of HI.  We joined John and Jennifer, Hook's brother and sister-in-law, for another wonderful week in paradise.  As all prior trips, John and Hook fished for Marlin every day while Jen and I enjoyed the island and it's perks.  I usually get at least a couple days of fishing in, but this year, just one day on the boat for this gal with child.  Thank you again Grands for taking care of all the kiddos!  My parents had Cayman in Dallas most of the days then spent a few days in Houston with my brother and his family.  Cayman adores "Rowie" and "Ree".    Hook and John's mom and Randy had John T and Chappell in Charlotte.  Since there are so many photos, I'll just get to the good stuff.

Our Kolea condo view of the Marriott and Mauna Kea on the first morning.  This was hand's down our favorite accommodations thus far!  Great job Hook!
Jen and I spent a lot of time in this shady spot with a view.  This was the condo property's pool and beach.  Lot's of reading, relaxing and a little swimming.
Jen and I were treated to fantastic massages, lunch and a walking tour of the Hualalai Four Seasons on our second full day.  
macadamia nut snacker
after a yummy lunch at Beach Tree - Hualalai
This guy was taking it easy on our beach at sunset

Our third day, Jen and I hiked an hour down a 1300 ft decline to Captain Cook's Monument.  This is by far the best accessible snorkeling on the island.  Although, hiking in was a little more strenuous than our last trip to the spot via boat.  You may notice the yellow in the water, those are reef fish, Tangs.
Belly and all made it back up the hill after a great snorkel, but barely.  We actually made it back up in an hour and were pretty darn proud of ourselves.  The guide said to allow 2 hours, especially at high noon.
The guys mission for the trip (besides catch a lot of billfish) was to get John his first Big Blue Marlin!  Well congrats on your 550 lb Blue girl John!  Mission accomplished!  All around, a great trip.  They saw/caught fish every day except the day I was on the boat.  That's why they call it "fishing", not "catching" ;~)
Told you Hook and John were there ;~)
Another of many beautiful sunsets
Meanwhile, back in TX.  Cayman (2), Rowan (almost 3), Reed (almost 4).
We hit a couple wonderful Farmer's Markets in Waimea Saturday morning.  It's crazy to feel like you are in a mountain town in 60 degree weather, just 30 minutes from 80 degree beach!  Not to mention their yummy, yummy cuisine!
As many trips as we have been on, we hardly ever get a shot of all 4 of us.  Mission accomplished!
Hook and I were blessed to celebrate our 6th year of marriage this trip.  We had a wonderful dinner at Boat House at the Mauna Lani Resort.  It was a lovely dinner, but I was a bit bitter this trip with it being Ahi Tuna season and all....
Akaka Falls

John and Jen left the night before, so no fishing on Monday.  Hook and I did some more exploring of the North Kohala Coast and Hamakua Coast.
One of our favorite spots with two of our favorite views.  Polulu Valley.

I think it is safe to say she missed us...and the feeling was mutual.

Back just in the nick of time for college football season!  Go Hogs {and Ponies}!!!