Sunday, January 13, 2013



Not starting this year off very well am I?  I'll do my best to catch everyone up...starting with...


The Harmeling household hosted this year's HPUMC Christmas Playgroup Party.  Such a fun time and my how these kiddos are growing!  Since Cayman was having nothing to do with Santa, I snuck a shot with him. :~) I tried to capture a shot of the post hurricane damage, but it did not do justice.  So worth the clean-up though!


Somehow we managed being in Dallas without family for the second year, which has now allowed us to form a few family traditions:  
Christmas Eve service at Highland Park UMC
followed by a yummy dinner at one of our Dallas faves, Rise No.1
This dinnerware only makes an appearance Christmas Eve and morning, so we I am always super excited to break it out!  There is a plate of Santa cookies involved, but Santa's little helper (a certain big red dog) had already cleaned said plate.
Our little Elf on the Shelf
...and of course, the unveiling of the Santa gifts!  This was only the tip of the iceberg.
...and we are hoping this will continue as a tradition.  You never know with this crazy North TX wx.


Many of you probably kept up with these post-Christmas travels to Grayton Beach, FL (30A) to join Hook's family for "Christmas".  Long story short, our couple hour flight turned into a 24+ hour journey.  Thank you AA.  Oh well, we made it safe and sound and a great memory and still enjoyed many days and lots of quality time with Big Daddy, Fe, Uncle John, Aunt Jen, Cousins John T and Chappell and last, but not least, "Grandma/GaGa"!

After a 7 hour stint at DFW we made it about 7 hours before we had to call it a day...or Baton Rouge, LA.  We couldn't have asked for a better stop at the Doubletree by Hilton.  The sweet lady at the front desk at 1:20AM deserved a Golden Globe.  She was fabulous and I never thought I would forget her name!
It was a bit surreal as we drove past the exit for my family's Baton Rouge, LA home of  12'ish years

Cayman REALLLY took to little Miss Chappell
What a treat.  We chased these two bald beauties up and down 30A for a good few minutes.
Snow?  Sand? ~ Grayton Beach

Closest to a group shot...kicking myself.

This had to be one of the cutest moments.  Cayman took off across the grass and ran up to a blanket of strangers (left) where there were a couple little girls sitting.  Next thing we know, Cayman has drawn a crowd, and apparently, is telling one great story!
Looks can be deceiving.  Seeing Grandma off...
Sadly, the iProducts saved lives on our 12 hour return to Dallas.  Here is documentation of our sanity, only a portion of a self-portrait session by Cayman.
We had a great laugh when I opened my camera roll a day or two later.


My cousin, who has always wanted to get married on New Years Eve, was married on New Years Day at the beautiful Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, AR.  If you aren't familiar, look it up.  It's a brilliant, mostly glass and wood beauty by AR architect E. Fay Jones.  I've attended some other very special weddings at this beautiful place.  Ahhhh the memories.  And would you believe, it began to snow at the end of the ceremony!  Can't wait to see those pictures!
We really, really hated to miss this special day.  
Cheers to many years Chris and Leigh Ann!  We love you!


Snow bunny.  Apparently, we brought some chilly weather from FL back to Dallas with us.
Hook and I before his birthday bash last night.  
Truitt, Cayman's "cousin" (long story, feel free to ask) and Cayman visited our friends Eric and Anna at their new home in our neighborhood today.  It was fun keeping two toddlers away from wet paint, wires, boxes, etc... but, they had a blast.  Sorry Holicks and Copie (dogs).  WELCOME TO THE HOOD GUYS!!!

'Til next time.