Monday, August 19, 2013


You may remember a few months back when the Harmelings ended up in unlikely destination for Hook Harmeling, but a lovely turn of events all the same.  We ended up there when we postponed a trip to Austin, TX to visit Hook's Aunt Patty, Uncle H, Cousin Susie and her family.  Susie and Chris's adorable little girl, Chloe, is about a month younger than Cayman, so we've been dying to get the girls together!  We made it down to ATX a couple weekends ago and WILL be going back!  Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality Lobdells, it was such a treat!

Customary tea party with Aunt Patty & Uncle H
How many people does it take to text Big Daddy (Hook's dad) an "aren't you jealous" photo?

Oasis at Hippie Hollow

Patty & H have such a comfortable and accommodating place to stay...not to mention, one of Cayman's favorites, a big back patio and pool!
We did actually get out a little bit to see their beautiful neighborhood and lake.

Cayman really took to Aunt Patty & Uncle H!  Of course, it didn't help that they treated her like their own.  Love family.

Unfortunately, little Chloe came down with a cold so this video of Chloe dancing and singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" was the closest thing to a play date the girls got.  Until next time Nienhuises!

Snuck in a baby boy belly shot.  This was about 19 weeks.   Definitely showing quicker this time around.

We've had some surprisingly cool August weather here lately in Dallas, but it has been quite hot too...some of our indoor activities:

Friday, August 2, 2013


Well, you didn't have to wait long....  We had so many photos to gather into one folder that this took a while to pull together.  As you will notice, I had a hard time narrowing down, so I will keep this short and bring on the documentation of the Harmelings, Grams & PopPop do Bermuda 2013!


Sky Lark house was a welcome site after an early morning of travel.  Home for the week! 
Grams and PopPop were also a very welcome sight.  This was the first time we have traveled with my parents in long while.  What a treat!


While the guys were fishing mom, Cayman and I explored the property and it's surroundings.  If you are wondering if Hook went on the trip, he did, he was just on the boat fishing the entire time.  
Mom, Cayman and I went on a hike and found this beautiful little Hog Bay Beach with some shade.  Perfect for sandcastles and swimming! 
Disturbing nature.  Cayman: "Shhh, he's seeping"
Take note, this was Cayman's first international travel!
Bermuda Aquarium.  Cayman got to actually see a Barracuda in person.  You'll notice why this was such an important fish this trip later on!

Mr. Bean took Mom, Dad, Cayman and I on an island tour.  Here is a shot of Bloomberg and Perot's island homes.  Getting around on the island was quite a treat for Cayman since no car seats are required in the cabs.  Besides scooters, this is was our only transportation option.  I completely understand the importance of car seats...keeping the kids wrangled so everyone in the car doesn't go insane...
On one side of the Sky Lark property, we could float, snorkel and ride the waves.
On the other, we could kayak, fish, swim and wait for the fisherman to return from their day on the water.
Mom prefers a "rod" over hand-lining...and an Arkansas hat to complete this classic shot. ;~)


So, here is my dad, 10 minutes after lines-in, on his first day of billfishing.  Should we say beginners luck?

DAY 1:  Needless to say, 700 LBS OF BLUE MARLIN LATER, he is hooked!
{don't worry, we are a catch-and-release family, she's still swimming}

DAY 2:  Hook on a little blue

Here he is.
 You all may not know this little bit about Hook.  When not fishing in beautiful blue waters as these, he is what we call "internet fishing" at 
Great job guys!!!

Day 3:  Capt. Robinson was kind enough to take the whole crew out for a half-day of inshore to work on Cayman's first fish.

Sky Lark from the water


Feeding the reef fish.  Cayman was in awe!

Day 4, 5:  Fishing slowed down quite a bit, but we continued to reap the rewards of Hook's catch from day 2, beautifully, yummy Wahoo sashimi!!!


The view from the back of Sky Lark provided day long back drops for photo opps!

Sun-up at the dock
First morning of the Sea Horse Billfish Tournament.  Watching the boats head out under nature's frame of colors.

Pure bliss!
Cayman and PopPop.  Big buddies!

That hibiscus even made it to dinner, ants and all!
Before a crazy long day of layovers, delays and home-sweet-bed.
Our only group shot.

'Til next time Bermuda!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bermuda, take 1.

Since I've fallen so behind getting blogposts up, here is a teaser from our Bermuda trip.  
{more to come}

Self discovered shadow play.  I wish I could post this whole series, but there were wayyy too many.