Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Rounding out October, Pumpkins & Football & Witches & Minnies Style!

Well, I promised more pumpkins, and who's to deny you...get ready, this is another long one!  Busy...week?!?!

Carrie, Scarlett & Baby Georgia joined us for an afternoon in the pumpkins at the Dallas Arboretum.  Another great Fall afternoon!

such cuteness!

Dude and Jennie Braselton came in town for our annual SMU Football Weekend.  Cayman got lots of time with the babysitter and we got a lot of adult time.  Good times had by all!

If any of you have been in Cayman's room, a pink version of this saltwater fishing lure mobile suspends above Cayman's crib, well never fear, "Sabiki" has one now!  Thank you Jennie and Dude, for the the mobile...and nickname!  Dude actually nicknamed Hook in college, so who's to keep him from doing the same to our unborn ;~)
Friday morning coffee date
Lunch at Lark in the Park and teacher Jennie pointed out how Cayman was coloring.
Apparently, this is a developmental stepping stone!
Homecoming parade.  Cayman was covered in candy, beads, balloons and stickers by the end.  She had a ball!
Jennie and I and Eric Dickerson + 1 this year!

Halloween Week!   Monday Pink Tutu Park outing & KKG House Trick-or-Treat, Tuesday HPUMC Play Group Party, Thursday Halloween Day at Wesley Prep & Trick-or-Treating Lakewood ...and I was worried about getting our wear out of the Minnie costume.

SMU ChiO needs to step up!  Never found a trick-or treat
day at their house.  Thanks for the invite Lisa!  Cayman was too
busy going through her loot to look at the camera.

My how they grow in a year!
Cayman decided to take a break from Minnie and go "witch" to school on Halloween.

Our Little Monsters on Hallow's Night!

30 weeks!
Cayman's Pug friend from LA, Heather, stopped by to say hi and bring some Halloween treats!
Cayman loooves her and I believe the feeling is mutual!
The Harmeling Family moved to Lakewood for the night.
Thanks for the having us Blythes, Jordans & Mayeauxs
Cayman with her treats...daddy with his...
I mean even had ice cream truck music.
Palmer, Daddy Hook has his eye on you ;~)
We all know these sonograms are creepy...and so is that estimated 4.5 lb weight at 30 weeks!!!