Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's a BOY!

...and then there were four + 1 red dog.


07:05 PM
Medical City              Dallas, Texas

a little hair + ten fingers + ten toes + button nose

So first, sorry we haven't been able to get this out sooner, but it was a rough day yesterday and continually busy day today.  We went in early yesterday for a scheduled induction (due to low fluids), two hours of pushing, that turned into an unscheduled C-Section (due to a "slightly" large baby and some infection), then baby boy in NICU (due to some respiratory issues).  We all seem to be on the mend today.  Sawyer is doing really well, breathing room air now and as soon as we get some good meals in him and some good tests back we are hoping to get some more time with him. By far the best New Year's Eve wish was granted and I got to finally hold him this afternoon.  I must say, he feels huge, but we are in love and I can't wait to inspect every finger and toe, but in the meantime, he is in wonderful hands.  

Thank you all for all the love, support and prayers over the past 2 days.  It has been very uplifting through some very rough hours.  

Love to you all and Happy New year!!!

{God bless our babies}

Sunday, December 29, 2013

December begins & Christmas 2014

December was full of Christmas festivities and lots of mommy-daughter dates.  We are off to the Medical City Dallas tomorrow morning to get induced, so as of tomorrow, we shall be a family of 4 + 1 Big Red (Graying) Dog!  Wish us luck and we will send out info ASAP!  First things first though...
Cayman moved into her "Big Girl Room".  She had already moved into her "Big Girl Bed",
but with baby boy's arrival nearing, it was time for her to move rooms.  Success!

Our HPUMC Mom's Group is growing in more ways than one.  At least one new face made this shot!

This photo pretty much says it all.  Frozen was great and really wish we could have stayed 'til the end,
but the snow monster got to be a little too much for her.  Maybe next year.  

My church date.

Grams and PopPop renewed our Perot Nature and Science Museum membership.  We almost didn't, but really happy we did because she was really into everything this trip, especially dinosaurs!


We had our 3rd Annual Christmas Eve Service and Dinner adventure this year.  Hoping this tradition will continue!

Finishing up Santa cookies
Needless to say, nap time has been going really well.

Really into Princesses this year!

Papa G & Mama G finally made it in and we had a grand ole time.  

Day after Christmas Mommy-Daughter date to Inwood Village.

Grams, PopPop, Gus, Aunt Say and Uncle B all made it into town yesterday so Cayman will be duly spoiled while baby boy makes his arrival.  

Until tomorrow!!!

A + H + C + ? + T

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Progressive Santa

This was year three for us to visit the Downtown Neiman Marcus Santa Claus, but we added a nice holiday buffet lunch at the Zodiac Room to the agenda.  With a two hour limit on the parking meter, all in all, we were in and out of there in two hours flat, with 2 minutes to spare.  Not too shabby for a holiday Saturday and throwing in a yummy lunch!  

Funny, Santa doesn't age, but Cayman does.  We weren't so sure Santa was going to go so smooth this year, as Cayman wanted to see Santa from a distance at NorthPark last weekend, but when I asked if she wanted to sit in his lap, not so much (we were just testing the waters that day).  This morning, it was all "going to see Santa" talk...that is...until it was our turn.  There was slight hesitation, but Santa with his magic touch reached out his arms and she literally ran and jumped in his lap.  Apparently, she wants "Mickey Mouse House toy", something we haven't figured out yet  and "Friday"...I don't blame the girl, I like Fridays too. 




M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S  2 0 1 3  A L L !

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November Fly By!

My Mom, Dad and Gus stopped in for lunch in Dallas on their way to Houston to see my brother and crew.
Somewhat of a tease, but I'll take what I can get.

Cayman has grown to thoroughly enjoy Pony sports.  Not that she has much of a choice.
This was the season open at the American Airlines Center.  We are hoping for big things from
Larry Brown and the Mustangs.  GO PONIES!

Sweet friends Anna, Leslie and Jenna pulled together a little baby shower surprise at Hillstones.
What would I do without these girls?  The week prior, my HPUMC Mom's group also put together a nice little
shower for Baby H.  Thanks again for making baby two feel just as special!

 Turns out this was our last SMU tailgate for the season.  This weekend's game is going to be a cold, early one so we are opting for indoor basketball instead.  

Daddy has his eye on you Harrison

Brooks, Cayman and Claire cheesing in the bounce house.
Strolling the Boulevard.  See Dad, all innocence.

Fall Moonrise over White Rock Lake

The past few months we've had Cayman in a weekly swim class in hopes to keep her loving the water.  She seems to really enjoy it, although, hesitantly, we are taking a break for a few cold months and post baby brother's arrival.
These FALL leaves were our rainy, cold-weather project.  The weather has been quite beautiful since, but it sounds like we are in for another cold snap!


This Thanksgiving, we were confined to Dallas due to my approaching due date.  We were lucky enough to talk some family into coming to visit.  Hook's dad ("Big Daddy") and Brenda ("Fe") stayed with us for four nights and we had a blast!  Lots of yummy dinner reservations, fun outings and most importantly, some really good Cayman, Big Daddy, Fe time!

Post lunch Daddy chasing at Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren tree

Turkey "Cornish Game Hen" Day!

We made the trek out to Grapevine to see the holiday decor at the Gaylord Texan.  Lots to see!

Riverwalk in Gaylord Texan

This was a couple weeks ago, but you get the gist.
5 weeks until due date!

Advent calendar is up and December is here!!!