Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sawyer's First Road Trip

Back in February, the whole crew (my brother and his family from Houston and my sis and her husband from Little Rock) made an impromptu trip to NW Arkansas to visit my parents and celebrate my Dad's birthday.  It was a quick trip, but the weather was great and Sawyer got out of the state of Texas for the first time (out of the belly at least).  It's not often that we ALL get together at the same time, so it was quite a treat.  Last time was Thanksgiving over a year ago.

Best Daddy and PopPop on the planet!
Grams & PopPop

This photo of Sawyer cracks me up!  Hang loose PopPop!
We had one day of drizzle and one beautiful day.  My dad cleared a trail up the hill behind their house to hike to the Razorback games a little quicker.  He had made some revisions so we made the little hike up to Maple Avenue and back.   
Aunt Say & Unt B sitting on a rock that mom & dad dug out of the hill.  It also conveniently provides nice
seat with views of some spectacular sunsets just over the roof of their house.

PopPop, Gus & Uncle Stu.
Gus is growing into quite a handsome dog...still crazy, but handsome.  

Cousins Rowan & Reed on the "big" hike

Ha!  The "real-time" typical family photo.
We are quite lucky to have another set of surrogate parents in Fayetteville, Mama G & Papa G.  Think they feel a bit jaded now that my parents live there and they don't get our undivided attention for our AR visits...  Here they are meeting Sawyer for the first time.  We had a thrill of spending Christmas in Dallas with them this year and they missed Sawyer's arrival only by a couple days.  

This photo may look familiar to a few of you.  We took a VERY similar photo at that Thanksgiving over a year ago and decided to pull it together again with one more family addition who took Cayman's spot in Grams' lap.

There aren't words to describe how much I am in love with this family
Truly thankful.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CAYMAN-osaurus TURNS 3!

We celebrated Cayman's 3rd birthday today at the Perot Nature & Science Museum.  Cayman is really serious about dinosaurs right now, so this venue worked out perfectly with its dinosaur exhibits and dinosaur themed toddler party.  We were thrilled with the turnout!!!  ...especially being the beginning of TX Spring Break week.   Cayman (and her parents) are very lucky to have such wonderful friends! 

We started off this birthday week morning with bedroom door balloons

Token cake photo

I'll continue to support Kroger bakery until they fail me.

Yep, these presents are mine....allllll mine.

Grandma finally made to TX to meet Sawyer and help celebrate Cayman's birthday week!
Grandma and Grandpa brought GIFTS!  Such an adorable, beach house!


....and DOUGHNUTS!

Thank goodness for Grandma today!!!!
Same doughnuts...another year.
{Cayman - 2 yrs}

Candle time!  ...Palmer, Hook has his eye on you ;~)

The quietest the room was the entire time!

Volcano time

We did a quick tour of the museum post party, dinosaur tail included!
It was so fun seeing familiar party faces all over the museum too!



Is there such a thing as death by doughnuts...?  Get them out of this house!

SAWYER ~ 2 mos / CAYMAN ~ 3yrs

The pediatrician made some $$$ off the Harmelings this week.  It was a double appointment for the kiddos.  Sawyer just passed 2 months and Cayman hit 3 years on Tuesday!  2 months?  Already?  3 years?  Already? Where does time go...with no help from daylight savings, ha!  This "Spring forward" has really thrown us for a loop this week.


Cayman wanted back in on the sign action.  I even included "bla bla",
who accompanied many of Cayman's monthday photos
Cayman's vocabulary really has expanded over the last couple months, starting with that adorable video of her meeting Sawyer in the hospital.  
Just a few of her favorite sayings:  "Silly Goose", "Go Duke, Go Ponies", "Ooopsey Daisy", "I can't do it" (even if she can), "I hear it, you hear it?", "No"

She also enjoys making up and performing Songs by Cayman.  
Her first original is titled:  "I Know You"
She also has some great new dance moves.  Got to get this girl in a class!

We have also found it very interesting that Cayman has quite a few adult friends.  These are people who don't come over to visit us necessarily, they come over to visit her.  They come from near and far, even all the way from LA.  
You all know who you are ;~) ...and we love this!  We had hoped to throw a party for Cayman to have her adult friends over to celebrate her birthday, but we let that get away from us...

FINALLY!  A family photo.  (...and finally back to church for me...thanks to Grandmas)

As you many already see, Cayman is never far behind Sawyer.  Sweet sister.

Uncle John meets Sawyer!  Aunt Jen met him Friday, but we failed to get a photo...