Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July'ed that a post was coming soon...

Well, I'll just get right to it...

We spent our 4th in University Park for the second year in a row.
Thanks for hosting John, Andrea and Nicolette!

Happy 4th of July 2014!
{Sawyer - just turned 6 mos, Cayman - 3 yrs.}
Just chillin' and enjoying my toes.

Big Daddy's impromptu trip to Dallas for BBQ

Self explanatory.

Brunch with the Lobdell crew in Grapevine - Cayman and Chloe (Hook's 1st cousin's babe) finally meet!
Long overdue at age 3, but it happened.  Chloe took a few minutes to warm up, then they never slowed down.  

Harmeling boys.

More Harmelings!  Should really do better at capturing family photos.
Sorry Uncle John, but it's documented...you meet your nephew.

Making magic...aka dancing.

Second road trip to Arkansas to visit Grams and PopPop.

I had a great time digging through some old boxes of our baby clothes.
These jeans were mine.

Grams, PopPop, Cayman and Sawyer.  Happy, happy, happy!!!


Cayman's first pedicure with Mommy at Fancy Nails, Fayetteville, AR

She picked the color and her little white polka dots...then we played with Uncle Stu's tractors.

This guy came to visit everyday we were visiting.  Thanks goodness
for some nature to help teach these city kids.

Great Aunt Nancy and Uncle Hershel came up from N.L.R. to meet the kids.
Such a great visit!  It's been a while. 

Brookelyn Gibson and Cayman post-pool bath selfie.

Cayman and Madeline Graves selfie.  Cayman loves the "big girls".
So, so sweet. 
...and you would never know Cayman hates goodbyes.  Not many are this kind.

...and the boys.  Tucker Graves and Sawyer.

Sawyer modeling Uncle Stuart's fishing jonjon
Uncle Stu

We finally made it down to Trinity Groves (Dallas, TX)

These guys were adorable.  

Our first dining experience was at Amberjax Fish Market.
What a cool concept, especially for these nice days we had in July!!!

There is hope for this guy.  Cousin Reed is officially a fisherman!

Hook nicknamed her "Caymanian Devil" a few years back...well she lives up to this name.
0.2 seconds a mess.

The boys.

...And so it begins.  We FINALLY got sister in a dance class!
Age 3-5 Ballet/Tap Combo at Contemporary Ballet Dallas

You would never have known it was here first class!

Duly documented.

Yes, they are buds.
Cayman loves her brothers and they love her...when she isn't beating them up

Sawyer is on the move.  Belly scooting all over and mostly places he shouldn't!

We lost a couple of sweet souls this month.
The flag is in honor of "Grandpa" (Frank Jones, Jennifer Harmeling's grandfather).  They don't make them like that anymore.  One of the most loving, happy, faithful and honorable men I've met.  He actually witnessed the raising of the flag at Hiroshima and saluted our flag every morning.
When I think of my Great Aunt Louise, I think of head scarfs and a great sense of humor.  She would always brighten a room and you would never not get a laugh in!


Cayman and Sawyer would like to announce another....cousin!  Gotchya!
Aunt Say and Uncle B, there are no words to describe how excited we are
to meet your bundle come December 11'ish!!!

We are also up to:

      Cayman...is loving the water and her little water fear has great decreased,  is loving her friends at school and talks about them lots and playing make-believe,  FIRST sunburn, name-calling ("monster", "poop", "butt"...ughhh), ballet class.  

      Sawyer...is officially tummy sleeping with his tush in the air (like mommy did), has started and is perfecting solids and sitting on his own, too distracted to nurse (like wrestling a cat), is belly crawling all over, first big boy grocery cart, high chair, BOB ride, birthday party (Finn McNeill), antibiotic (post circ. surgery infection)...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Throwback Saturday?

My mom, dog brother Woodstock and I circa 1975...

{promising a more detailed update soon}