Friday, November 21, 2014

OCTOBER = Fall + Fun + Friends + Fayetteville + Football + FOREVER


A little sneak peek of our Christmas card photo session.  

Thank you
10.5.14 - Boulevard Beauty

The kids in the SMU tailgate spot in front of Perkins Chapel

Mommy and kids got away to FAYETTEVILLE, AR for the Alabama vs. Arkansas FOOTBALL game.  Some of my closest college friends were able to break away as well.  It made for a really FUN weekend!

10.9.14  The rainbow was a welcome sight after a torrential 8 minute downpour.
Always love the view of "the hill" after driving over the hill.

Mommy was creeping on Cayman and PopPop's bedtime stories on the porch swing.
State of the Art exhibit at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art - Bentonville, AR
I can only imagine how much work went into gathering art for this exhibit.  What a great concept allowing the public to see this compilation of current artists. . I will say it again, check out this place, it's worth the trip to our little ole Northwest AR.
10.10.14  medium : Romance Novels

Can't imagine how this one made the cut, wink, wink.  whooooooo pig...

Keith Haring's Two-Headed Figure

Color change had just begun

These dear ones.  What more can I say?  20 fabulous years and counting!
{Chare Yancey, Betsey Huson, me, Glenda Graves, Mindy Burchfield, Meredith Suttle}

Friday night FUN at Maxine's.  It's much more snazzy than it was when we were school.
PopPop and his Grandboy 2

PRE-GAME (Staggs House) - Some of the kiddos got to hang before the game too.
Sweet Madeline Graves babysat mine during the game.  Cayman adores her and her brother, so it works out perfectly for all!  10.11.14

My Daddy.

Rainy, cold and according to sources, these girls never sat down (except at half-time)...NEVER YIELD!

US PIZZA - What can I say, she's mine.  The pizza is only a vessel for ranch dressing.

10.16.14  9.5 Months
 10.17.14  Fair Day at Wesley Prep


10.18.14  First time to draw something and say, "I draw sun"


aka. costume change, after costume change, I right moms?

10.25.14 - Can you tell this girl loves to get her face painted?
Sawyer wasn't very sure about it.
10.29.14  No, I wasn't trying to get out of buying a new costume, she insisted.  
10.29.14  HPUMC Playgroup 4th Annual Costume Party
{growing and growing and growing}
2nd Round {Sawyer is in the pumpkin longall}

10.30.14  We managed to talk her into being Ana for a Pre-Halloween dinner at The Lot
10.31.14  Costume day at school.  She and Wyatt (her current bestie) may have had this whole Mickie/Minnie thing planned all along.  
10.31.14  Trick-or-treating buddies year 2.  (Palmer Jordan and Cayman)
Thanks again Hollywood Heights!
Same house, 1 year later.

- Potty training revert, including a good long stage of "I don't need to go potty"...then going potty in your pants...a bit hard-headed.
- First stomach bug as a toddler.  Glad it was a quick one!  Sorry for bringing that to AR Grams and PopPop....mommy's bad.
- You don't stop talking...ever.
- Your imagination is expanding by the minute!
- Favorite cartoon is Sheriff Callie
- Wyatt (Mickey) has passed Matthew as your favorite school buddy.
- "It's October, Halloween".  You are very interested in what time or month it is.
- Mommy is still a "monster".  What is it that makes certain things stick?
- You like to read us your favorite books.  Currently "Dream Big Little Pig".


- "PopPop" in a whisper. Just in time for our trip to AR.
- Such the comedian
- Name recognition:  Turns toward people we name.  
- 10.15.14 3rd TOOTH:  Top Left Central Incisor
- Absolutely no more pacifier.  So glad I didn't have to ween you!
- DANCE!  You wiggle and shake your head to almost any rhythm
- You hate your bjorn bib (which is the greatest invention ever) and pull it off any chance you get...
- 10.31.14 4th TOOTH: Top Right Central Incisor
 - Officially retiring the army crawl for a regular crawl.  It's still so odd to us to see one of our babies crawling.  Cayman never did, only the bottom scoot method.