Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cuatro Meses!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo!   Here is Sawyer's latest and greatest at 4 months!  He is just an absolute hoot (and ham) these days!

Cayman's Wesley Prep Art Show project.  They do such cool projects for this show.  Hate we missed it this year.

Chilly, windy day at the park.

If you ever need to get this kid to sit still for longer than 2 minutes, turn on the tv of course or give her some "pops", aka bubble wrap.  The child is obsessed.  She kicked and screamed because I wouldn't let her take it to bed for nap time today.  ...and of course, you have to wear your tutu to pop "pops".

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whoop, there it was...April that is...

There seems to be a trend devolping here...I keep letting these months get away from me.  Guess that's partly because we are still adjusting to time managing another kid and thus proves that the second child always gets the short end of the stick in the photo world.  I just went through my phone photos...and poor, poor Sawyer is DEFINITELY not getting photographed even an iota as much as Miss C.  Well, here goes April and we should have a Sawyer 4 month update later this week!


Yet another trip to the Perot Museum for a sneak peak of the traveling Dino exhibit:

potty training accident = bummed lip

The NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four/Championship was in "North Texas" (aka DFW) this year.  This brought some Florida fans up from Houston.

Facetiming Grams and PopPop with the cousins and Uncle Stu.
So excited to watch cousins grow up together!
Hugging tulips at the Dallas Arboretum at tail end of Dallas Blooms
As a friend commented on Facebook, meet Dallas "Nip-Tuck" Minnie.  #kidsdontcare

If you sometimes ask yourself..."why is she posting this photo"...well, I do plan to create a book from our blog each year, so I want to include some things we may care about....but you may not.  

An attempt at my secret dream job.
Cayman's big girl room documented
Sawyer's baby room documented


 HPUMC Playgroup turns THREE!

EASTER 2014 in Arkansas
Cayman and Brookelyn post Springdale FUMC egg hunt

Brookelyn, Dylan and Cayman sorting loot
Loves her "Un B"
Fayetteville Farmer"s Market
plastic egg study
Grams outdid herself with the shrimp-n-grits pre-Easter dinner...mouth watering
First time dying real Easter Eggs.  Aunt Say assists.  I understand now why plastic eggs were invented...
Another really cute outfit...that Sawyer has outgrown before handsome.
My babes
We always capture the best pictures of Cayman in Arkansas
Finally, a good family picture

On our way to Arkansas, I worried Cayman wouldn't get an egg hunt in this year.  Well, Easter egg hunt #4:

At Mama G and Papa G's
Chattin' up a storm

Sawyer, meet Sophie la Giraffe

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Was that March?

Well, March flew by!  We still seemed to fit some fun stuff in though.  In a prior post, we already visited Grandma coming in town from North Carolina and Cayman's Big 3rd Birthday, but here is what else happened this month....

...a visit to the Arboretum with HPUMC play group friends...

Lions and bat mans and princesses oh my!
{Palmer Jordan, Brooks Farrell, Matthew Fay, Cayman, William Wonsmos, Chloe Voss}

...we watched a lot of basketball...

Ponies vs. LSU Tigers - NIT Tournament Round 2

If you look closely, W and Laura

Hook's new collegiate gear.

...we found Sawyer's first smiles (and now he is giggling),  oh these days definitely fly by too quickly...

Capturing one of the first smiles.

For fun, we may have to use your finger to cover Cayman's locks

...a family visit to Fossil Rim...

...Cayman got her FIRST haircut...

...good friends visited Dallas...

Melissa and I have been best friends since we were Cayman's age.

We kicked off the weekend with dinner at Javier's....yummmm...Trio!

The beautiful weather brought out the adorable bubble that appropriately the Morgans gave Sawyer.

The weather also brought out Daddy's sunnies...

...and our first family visit to the Truck Yard (new'ish food truck venue).

What else do you do with friends when they visit Dallas?  A little shopping.  A lot of Eatin'!
Boulevardier never fails to impress!

Back on my menu!

...and this little guy turned 3 MONTHS on the 30th!

Moo-oom, do we really have 9 more of these?

Sister always in the mix

ohhh those grins...