Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Heyyy Junnne! Didn't Let Us Down.

JUNE 2014 - Babies, Buffett and 1/2 Birthdays
I do believe these blog posts are getting longer and longer...especially when they are almost a month apart.  That being said, I am especially excited and anxious to finally see the first edition of my blog that will include the blog beginning through the end of 2013 in print very any day now!!!  It will most likely serve as Cayman's baby book since I have hardly begun the baby book I purchased when she was born.  I hope to keep up with this at least through Sawyer's 2nd birthday, you know, just to be fair and all.  Us moms, we try.

6.1.14 Mr. Jason dropped in during his worldly travels.  
It was so nice to see him after such a long gap!!! 
Sawyer enjoyed his meal buddy.

6.2.14 I decided to buy Cayman her first pair of scissors.  Of course, I keep a close
eye on her when she has these babies in hand.  That is, until we played "fix mommy's 
hair" and they unknowingly came out before it was too late....

6.4.14  Sweet little Hendrix Wayne Davis was the first of many babies this month!
Congratulations Sara & Stacey Davis!

6.5.14 HPUMC Playgroup at Chloe's new big backyard
{Claire, Cayman, Palmer, Grayson, Matthew, Chloe, Katherine, Brooks}

6.6.14 Another face at the Arboretum.  We will title this one "Lips".
The face painter thought Cayman needed her little lips plumped up.

6.6.14  Grandma and Lips.  Grandma was in town for a visit and Sawyer's baptism.

6.6.14  We usually don't document naps, but can't remember the last time
this happened... and both kiddos at the same time!  
Needless to say, Grandma got a really thorough tour of East Dallas!


6.12.14  Sawyer took his FIRST ride in the EXERSAUCER.  He LOVES it!   .
Sister loved this toy too and here she is showing him the ropes.  
She is beginning to teach him a lot right now and it's really pretty cute to watch!
He truly adores her.

6.12.14  Tucker Hill Wertz
Congratulations Jenna, Clayton and Truitt!

6.15.14  Boulevardier  Oyster special Father's Day.  You ask, you shall receive. 
I do believe he went through 3 trays!

6.15.14  Daddy and his babes.  Yes, Cayman is obsessed with ears.  She and Mike Tyson.

6.17.14  Dolfin Swim - Cayman eased back into swim lessons with a 2 week 
Summer crash course.  We took a break right before baby brother arrived.

Buffett does DFW!
We finally got Mama & Papa G back down to Dallas for a Buffett show and talk about a good one!  It was a very intimate show in Fort Worth on Panther Island at the Coyote Drive-In.  So fun!  The show was simulcast to 87 drive-ins across the country.


6.19.14  FIN MEN

6.21.14  BUFFETT FRISCO, TX 2014
{John Weber, Kalee Blythe, Cayman, Hook, Adriane, Heather Win, Chad Butler, Andrew Byrns}
Missing a few of our regulars...

6.21.14  FIRST TAILGATE Jimmy Buffett Tailgate

6.21.14  Hula!

6.21.14  She's a natural Parrot Head.  This was self-inflicted.

6.21.14  Hopefully, not a natural at this...  
She was serving and sipping.

6.21.14  FIRST CONCERT.  Yes.  We took our 3 year old to see Jimmy Buffett. 
She made it through 5 songs then left with the sitter for night, night in the motorcoach.

6.21.14  Token "FINS" shot with my girl.  

6.26.14  Sawyer, post circumcision anesthesia.  We had to delay since he was in the NICU, 
then had passed the weight of the infant circumcision (10l#s) without anesthesia 
within a week of being home.  This face explains it all...although, he was a stellar patient!  
Mommy was a wreck...

6.29.14  Sawyer joins his sis and cousins in his FIRST, and definitely not last {he is a Staggs too), bowl of cereal.

6.29.14  Lego Land - Grapevine, TX
Cayman's FIRST amusement park ride. She is not my child.

6.29.14  Hook, Cayman, Aunt Issa and Cousin Rowan after 
Cayman post-ride.  

6.29.14  The token, "not so good", cousin group shot.

6.30.14  6 MONTHS  
Can we freeze time!?!

6.30.14  Sawyer's 1/2 Birthday.  
Don't worry, he was still able to enjoy some "cookie" and milk and few hours later

Grandma Jeanne and #5 Cousin Thomas Franklin Harmeling 
born 6.30.14, Sawyer's 1/2 birthday!

...and let's not forget babies Andy Potts, Iris Haddock, Sloan Henderson (all born on the same day) and baby Lila Wonsmos!  Whew, who did I forget and what was going on 10 months ago?