Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Living Up August

It's August, the dog days of Summer, but I have to say, it's not been a killer like most Dallas Summers...or I just haven't been outside much, which could be the case.  I detest mosquitos, sunscreen, bug spray and 95+ temps...well, that's pretty much Dallas in the Summer.  Like many, we traveled away and tried our hardest to make the best of August.

Sawyer attended his first birthday party.  Finn McNeill (the other handsome boy pictured) turned 1! 

SPINACH!  Solids are in full force.  Thanks to some other mom's coaching, I've been making all of Sawyers foods, with the exception of those life-saving pouches here and there.  It has been super easy!

He's just really cute.  We were headed to Little Rock, AR to visit Aunt Say & Uncle B while Daddy went down to Cabo for some fishing and bachelor partying and had to take a quick shot before heading out the door.
Off to the spa....again?
Also got to hang with this super cool chick {Melissa Morgan} while in the Rock.  LYLAS
Last day at Northway for the Summer.
Ms. Ashley, Preschool Young 3's
Best selfie we could get.  Finally got to meet Greg, James' other half. 
Look at that form!  She'll be graduating out of Dolfin 1 soon!
First legit ballet class.   Nothing like a private lesson, hence the little girl who didn't want to participate. They cancelled this class, moved days and now there are 10+ petite dancers aside Cayman.
Mommy's Big Smith overalls.  {left: Grams & Aunt Say, top rt: Mommy, bottom rt: Sawyer}  Think they will be around a while longer!
Waiting for sister to finish ballet.  He's just really cute.
 Daddy and I took our annual anniversary trip.   Also, our first time away from little man.  Our plan was to be in Spain, but unfortunately and logistically, that fell through.  Instead, we decided on an easy direct flight out of Charlotte, NC to Aruba.  I mean, we couldn't disappoint Grandma & Grandpa since they were already planning on keeping the kids, right?
Beautiful flowers we enjoyed for the week!  Thank you Hook!
View for a week!
We weren't too successful in photographing ourselves this trip.
...and those sunsets.
Where I fell in love with a Nespresso machine.
My first shark tooth!  What a find!
Aruba was very windy and arid, but beautiful all the same!
Wishing stones.

Happy 7 years MSB!
Cayman was fearful of the horses first day out, but riding them at the end.  Here she is with Dallas.  She actually rode Daisy too, a Percheron!
Grandpa showing Cayman around Plum Nelly Farm.
Tarpon was no less happy to be squeezed in with the luggage and on his way home.

I mean...can we stop time?  8 months young sweet baby boy.

Other August happenings:  

Teething early in the month, but by the 6th, you Lower Left Central Incisor broke through, then on   the 17th, the other one followed.
28" Tall {since you are pulling up now 8/28/14...what the what!?!}. 
First consonant:  "Dadadadadadadadada".
Giving such good baby kisses and hugs!
Raspberries on any available skin and babies in the mirrors.
First time away from Mom & Dad.
First day of MDO - Northway Christian Day School - 1 day/wk - Mrs. Marissa and Mrs. Regat
I do believe we started a game of peek-a-boo.

Last day at Northway Summer and you say your friends are "Chloe, Scartlett and Bo".  Actually, the first day of 3 day 3's at Wesley Prep, you said you were going to see Chloe...well sorry babe.
You LOVE swim class and graduated to Dolfin 1-2 (thanks to goggles)!  Which means you do all of the skills you do now, but now unassisted. 
First lake fish with Grandpa at Plum Nelly pond.
You love ballet/tap at Contemporary Ballet Dallas, but still not as much as swimming.