Sunday, October 19, 2014

Month 9...That Was September

September 3, 2014 - These two started school!
Cayman - Wesley Prep - MWF 3's Preschool - Mrs. Zalazny
Sawyer (spot-holder) - Northway Christian Day School - MDO Older Infants - Mrs. Marissa & Mrs. Regat

Cayman with Mrs. Zalazny.  Think she is going to be a good one!

Mrs. Marissa and Sawyer.   The nametag was a good distraction for a few seconds,
then the bottom lip came out.  He did great though!

September 3, 2014

This was a cute collage by Jenna.  Truitt started Wesley Prep this year!

Age 4+ Puzzle...schmuzzle

September 6, 2014 Davis family, Harmeling kid selfie

September 7, 2014 - Sawyer attended "church" for the first time.  Turns out, Mrs. Regat
also works at HP Nursery!

I'm so proud of my pulling up ability these days!

Show off.

Diving for daddy's squid lure...Hook should be so proud.

Cayman graduated from Dolfin 1 to Dolfin 1-2!!!
She adores swim class!

September 10, 2014 - Cayman insisted on posing again.
Public service announcement:  Get your flu shot kids!

Aunt Say's Baby Shower Weekend in Little Rock - September 12-14

These two (Cayman & Mallory Morgan) were quite the pair in Little Rock this weekend.  Their mommies just hope they turn out as tight as we did.  They are almost to the age where we first met.
...we did learn that they aren't quite ready for sleepovers quite yet.
Not much sleeping went on...

Little bit of a cold...

Melissa Morgan, Aunt Sayward, can't wait to be an auntie again!

Grams and Melissa

Our little tchotchke.

Sawyer finally got to meet Great Grandmother "Nanny" (Mary Alice Staggs)

Mommy & Daddy attended the Sajnani+Caperton Wedding at the Mansion.
What a fun evening to get all dolled up!

That's my girl!  Mallory found her godmother on Old Main lawn!
This was Mal's first Arkansas game weekend in Fayetteville!

So Daddy and Cayman pre-fished the Wesley Prep fishing tournament.
They had this thing week later...same spot, same bait, same fish.

I mean...

September 26, 2014  The last meal...  Our longtime friend and server at Hibiscus (our neighborhood haunt), Herman Benefield, retired after almost 10 years of waiting on our lazy rears.  He was there with us to celebrate many a dates, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, babies, friends in towns and just, "we don't want to eat in" nights.    will be greatly missed by us and many around that joint.  Hibiscus is better than ever, but still, will never be the same.  Cheers to your future endeavors and in the words of Homer Martinez...well..."I love...", we'll leave it at that.  Really do love you!!!

September 27, 2014 - Ben Garrity's 3rd Birthday Party :  these two (Will Lothamer) cruised around in
this battery powered jeep for probably an hour!

Boys will be boys?
(Snow White, Rapunzal, Harrison Everhart, Cinderella Ben Garrity

September 28, 2014  She loves him A LOT!

9 months young

What else are the Harmelings up to?

MOMMY & DADDY (or as Cayman likes to call us on a regular basis "mom" & "dada")
- word of the least we now know, we will NOT ever live in a house under construction....period.
- Football update...our teams this year...not so good.

- lots of pulling up
- "MAMAMAMA"...when you were crying of course you are still big on "DADADADA"
- perfecting Peek-a-boo
- still LOVE baths!  No longer in the sink in the PUJ tub, yep, stretched that out as long as heavenly possibly!
- first Sunday School
- first meat (pureed roasted chicken, sweet potato, garlic, cinnamon - mommy is a bit proud of your home cooked meals), first dairy (yogurt, cottage cheese), first finger foods (pears, bananas, avocado), first Cheerios (Staggs household staple), first fish (salmon)
- head shake...and no, not because you hit your head one too many are copying mommy
- you've got that hand grip to mouth thing down...nothing in your path gets away from going in your mouth
- still army crawling all over the place!

- sorry Cayman...a little late at getting this blog entry out and no journal entries were made....bad mommy
- oh, you do have a friend Matthew at school...daddy isn't so happy about this.  This is the same "Matthew kiss me" Matthew as last year...
- "he's a boy" and "she's a girl" is in full force.  Even with a sad little playgroup park playdate moment where Cayman wasn't allowed to play pirates with the boys and she loves it begins.