Thursday, January 29, 2015

December - Part II: Christmas Eve & Day


This Christmas was super fun!  Sawyer was just old enough to open his own presents...well, present (that's what Tarpon is for) and Cayman well, she was a hoot!  She LOVED every single present and finally, really got this whole Santa thing.  

Hope these outfits fit next year...I will get a better picture...promise.

This was what the majority of the shots really looked like.


Our little family of now four has managed (not intentionally) to stay in Dallas for Christmas the past four years and in that time, we have managed to create our own little set of traditions.  Christmas Eve consists of Christmas Eve Service at HPUMC and a lovely dinner at Rise No.1, yummy!  After the kiddos get Santa's goodies set out and tucked in, Mommy and Daddy crack open a bottle of wine, open a gift from each other and throw together some Christmas cheer to be ready for the Santa's arrival early in the morning.   

Rise No.1 maiden voyage and first soufflé.

Between all the little snacks of cheese, crackers, bread and butter, fruit and eggs, Cayman
is always  super good at this dinner.  Of course, she has to be good for Santa, right?  

Now, this one was a crap shoot, but who knew a loaf of French bread
would keep a teething boy busy for an hour and a half.  Joy to the World!

Another little tradition is open a little box of goodies from our sweet German family friends.  Always the most original and sweet packages come from there.

Absolutely in love with all of these people.  Grams and PopPop, you have done well.

Get ready Santa and reindeer!


ARRRRR.  I mean, how cute are these Christmas pjs and the pirate boy in them!

Cayman asked Santa (in that sweet letter) for butterfly wings and
butterfly house shoes.

Bar none, Tarpon's favorite holiday.  At almost 10 years old, he has perfected his gift opening skills.  He is quite good!  Here he is with his old grays and new pheasant.



Where's Cayman?

Sheriff Cayman!

It was a Merry 2014!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

December Part I

Well...we all know what today's date is, so I'll just get going on my 3 part series, known as "December".  

Early December was a little rough.  As many of you have unfortunately been experiencing, sickness hit our household in early December.  Cayman was sick, on and off, for about 2 weeks straight.  Just when we thought we were in the clear, a symptom would pop back up.  I'm still not convinced our little apple lover didn't eat one of those bad apples since no one else came down with anything.  That being said, we were still able to provide some blogworthy events.

12.3.14  2nd Hair Cut

12.5.14  This little dream boat entered the world today!
Welcome Alexis Irving Smith!  We love you so.
I couldn't stay away long.  Aunt A arrived in Little Rock late in the evening on Dec. 6. 
That being said, I left Daddy to tend to both kids for the first would have thought I had sent
to hell and back...

12.7.14  Heading home

12.7.14  Mommy was impressed with this project for two reasons...

Pretty darn cute, huh?

I mean...
12.10.14  She looks good in aqua.  Who are we kidding?  She looks good everything.

12.8.14  PopPop and his 3rd Grand Girl

12.15.14  This Alexis is the most smiley baby I have ever seen.  
I mean, less than 10 days old and she's already so expressive...awake and asleep.  Of course,
being in Grams' arms doesn't hurt.

12.16.15  Cayman still wasn't 100%, so we missed the big HPUMC Playgroup 
Christmas Party and gift exchange this year.  Still had to document this great crew!
12.18.14  Cayman loves, loves, loves swim class at Dolfin Swim School.  She's the only student in her time 
slot so all attention is on her, which could be part of her love affair for it.  I'm so proud
of how well she is doing and unlike many things at this age, she isn't afraid of the water,
which was our biggest goal with these classes.  

Tilly, meet Alexis, Alexis, meet Tilly

12.13.14  Hello, my name is Sawyer, and I like to eat purple crayons.

12.15.14  Thanks for my Christmas card Grams and PopPop!  It makes a super cool hat too!

12.19.14  Big Daddy came in town for a few pre-Christmas activities.  We were headed out to
visit Santa and deliver a very important letter.

We all know what's coming next...


These sweet moments.  Cannot get enough.

We almost forgot to give Santa his special letter and next thing we know, Cayman 
has dug it out of my purse and is running into someone's photo opp to hand it over.  The professional
photographers that they are, did the right thing, finished their shot and let her run back over to Santa
to complete our mission.  Doesn't get much cuter. 

Year 4 of Neiman Marcus Downtown Dallas in the books.

12.19.14  Big Daddy in his happy place, a BBQ joint!  This one was the very 
special Pecan Lodge.  Our first trip as well and wellllll worth the wait!

12.19.14  We do believe Sawyer belongs to this family.  We moved BBQ brisket to the top of his list! 
Pretty sure he would have eaten his weight in brisket, but it was all men for themselves and the baby was a bit disadvantaged.
This stocking completes our mantle.  We were so excited sweet 
Angela Burris of Charlotte, NC was able to get it to us before Christmas this year! 

12.19.14  Complete.  We wonder if Grandma Jeanne knew what she was doing way back when she gave Hook and I the first two stocking before we were even engaged???

12.19.14 We did a quick run through Highland Park to see some 
of the amazing Christmas light scenes.

12.20.14  Hendrix Davis and his mommy and daddy stopped by on the 20th for 
some play time and a little gift exchange.

Thanks Aunt Saucey for bringing over Christmas cookie decor again this year!

What a way to kick off Christmas gifting season with this adorable rain trio from Big Daddy and Fe.  
It was definitely a highlight gift this year!  Now, for some warmer rainy days. 
Thanks for making the trek from sunny Florida Big Daddy!