Monday, September 21, 2015

Boggy with a Rainbow Center - August 2015

Anyone who lives in the "South", knows how brutal it can get in August.  Our goal,  intentional or not, seems to be to get out out of Dallas as much as possible during this month.   After the kid's Summer session at Northway Christian Day School (almost) finished up, this year's heat lead us to the beautiful island of St. Lucia via Charlotte, NC where we dropped off the youngest at Grandma and Grandpa's.  In addition to the Caribbean, we managed to sprinkle in a few fun outings and a visit while in Dallas, but St. Lucia was definitely the rainbow in the heat storm that is Dallas, TX.  

8.2.15  Texas Discovery Gardens - Fair Park - Dallas, TX

8.5.15  Mrs. Ashley, Cayman (4.5yrs), Miss Sarah Frymire, Mrs. Angela, Sawyer (19mos), Mrs. Maricruz Mota Northway Christian Day School - Summer {mommy's lifesaver}  Despite a few rounds of Hand, Foot, was another lovely Summer session at this adorable school!

8.10.15  Headed to Charlotte to drop off brother.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!

8.11.15  Okay girl, let's do this island thing.  St. Lucia 2015

8.12.15  En route to Anse Cochon Beach

Cayman was quite the little rockstar around Capella.  Making friends right and left.  The staff was no less than perfect.  One of the best hotel and staff experiences to date.   From Hyacinth, who greeted us at the airport, to the nice gentleman who drove us to the resort, to Dely, Above:  Cayman with Dely our waitress we continually sought out.  Cayman's nightly ice cream date, Dely baked Cayman a cake.  Being our first trip to St. Lucia, our Personal Assistant McGomery helped us make the most of our 4 days. The Marina Manager, Troy, provided a guided tour of the docks and boats. So incredibly nice.  Can't wait to go back!

Meanwhile, back in Charlotte.  Cousin Chappell standing in for sister.
Aunt Jen, thank you as well for watching big boy.
Lunch at Ti Kaye at Anse Cochon Beach

8.13.15  This One Particular Harbor... - Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

I like coconuts - Capella Marigot Bay 

Making friends.  {Cayman, Christina, Adriane}  Marigot Beach, St. Lucia

Marigot Beach Sunset - St. Lucia

Marigot Bay Beach - St. Lucia

Soon after this shot, I saw the "Green Flash" finally for the first time!

Making her marks.

8.14.15  Captain Daryl and Dave

Piton - Sugar Beach, CAYMAN'S FIRST TIME TO SNORKEL...or FREEDIVING!  Took her a little bit and didn't want the snorkel, just a mask, but she did it and loved it! - St. Lucia

This was by far the coolest creature we saw snorkeling.  We were all convinced we saw a small school of Cuddlefish (top), but after mentioning that to the locals, they said it was probably a Caribbean Squid (bottom).  Also saw lots of Parrot Fish,  Squirrel Fish, Urchin, an Eel (I still think it was a sea snake), Sergeant Majors, Triggerfish, Butterfly Fish, Needlefish, ...   


Island dance.

Our daily views were just breathtaking.

Tarpon and Snook - Rainforest Hideaway

8.15.15  Cayman's trail of island treasures

8.17.15  The honorable attempt at a Harmeling cousin group photo...

8.18.15  Cayman looking on as Daisy gets her regular bath.

8.18.15  Elijah wondering what the heck I was doing.  It was pretty hilarious, he was unintentionally in every scenic photo I took of Grandma and Grandpa's farm, "Plum Nelly". 


8.23.15  Beauty shop gone bad.  Although, thoroughly easy to comb through.  8.23.15

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center - 8.23.15
Sawyer was freaked in the beginning, but feeding by hand by the end.

No fear of the goat though.  Seemed to be the other way around.

Aggressive red deer.  This was probably our 10+ trip to Fossil Rim.  We've managed to escape unscathed, but this time, not so much.  The mommy ride took a horn to the door...

8.24.15  A very strategic red on red.

We seem to get a few last-minute invites to Steel City Pops.  It's such a yummy, handy spot for us.  This day we met up with sweet Emery, Weston and their beautiful mommy, Robyn.

8.27 - 9.3.15  August side project:  I worked with Duck Team 6 Rescue Group to capture this sweet girl who has been roaming our neighborhood streets for months now.  She had a choke chain wrapped under her front leg and so many people were feeding her so she kept gaining weight and chain kept getting tighter.  After a long labor of love and few chicken legs, she gained my trust enough to get in the trap.  She was crafty enough to actually get the bowl out, but after a bit more rigging, it worked!  She is now under care at a vet, chain free, spayed,  heart worm positive and headed to a foster home in hopes to find a forever home via Paws In the City.  Happy life Marigold!  8..15

8.28.15  This little rainbow (niece Alexis) came to visit so we had to introduce her to the Arboretum.  

Kissing Cousins.

Flashback:  Cayman's ballet proofs finally came in.  I mean...  

CAYMAN - AUG '15:  

- loved her Summer at Northway, "baby school", but ready to get back to Wesley Prep, "big school".  Not soon enough my dear...
- started swimming!  We've had her in dual swim classes, Mrs. Jordan Benners and Coach Peron.  Still needs practice, but she loves it!  We will probably continue year round.
- still adores her "ocean books", so much so, Hook tries to persuade her onto something else.  He's a little over them.
- still loves singing "I Know You", her self-written singer-songwriter original.

- lower left canine tooth.  End of teething for a while.  Praise be!
- loves singing "happy birthday".
- used hand signs to go along with "twinkle twinkle little star".  Who knew?
- still loves "bawoons", his "snaack", "schooze" and always make sure you have your "schooze"
- putting more words together.
- scheduled first haircut for 9.3.15.  Good thing his hair isn't as long as Cayman's was or we would have been to Mrs. Ginger's Kid Cutz back in early 2014!
- turned 20 months (8.30.15).  Where is my baby going?