Sunday, November 8, 2015

Summer Ends || Fall Begins - September 2015

Summer | Fall break was upon us.  This break seemed extra long this year.  We packed in some fun days even in the heat of September.  
9.1.15  Attempt at the token frog shot - Perot Museum (Uptown, Dallas)

Soakin' wet!

This may be the last shot of the adorable Salt Water sandals and shortalls...tear(s).

9.3.15  Okay...maybe this was the last one.  These kids are crazy!

9.4.15  He gets this from his daddy.  Sweaty!

9.6.15  What happens when Hook teaches Sunday School...

Labor Day post swim bath at the Davises - Hendrix, Cayman, Sawyer, Nicholette

9.9.15  First Day of PRE-K (3 days) Wesley Prep

MDO Toddler B (yr. 2) - Northway Christian Day School

Mrs. Mayes

9.12.15  Marigold is looking good.  Post spay and beginning heart worm treatment.

9.13.15  Beauty Shop

9.15.15  Plant Lab experimentation - Rory Meyers Children's Gardens, Dallas Arboretum

"Dude, you gotta stop wearing those girlie bubbles." ...said no mother ever.  Sawyer (21mos)  Elliot Soon (11mos)
The pumpkin gardens at the Arboretum were just a few days shy of opening.  We cheated a bit...fearful we wouldn't make it back for a while.  

9.14.15  FIRST official library book:  "Snow White"  Such the little romantic.
9.18.15   Trader Joe's flowers + yard snips + a little skill

9.19.15  GO PONIES {that hair}

Bounce Housing!
Hook purchased the axe for Coach Morris and the SMU football team "Keep Choppin'"!  I found someone to paint the design.  Happy it's getting some air time!!!

9.24.015  We managed to make it back for some pumpkin time...a few more times.

Pure joy!

9.25.15  Exactly how Sawyer says "shoes".

9.26.15  The bestie, her hubs and father-in-law made it over to Dallas for the ARvs. A&M game.  So happy we got to spend a few days with them!  Hibiscus

9.27.15  SMU Homecoming on the Boulevard with Mr. Brent

SMU Homecoming Parade - it was raining candy on these two.  

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- Cayman is in a small class of 9 kids (5 buys, 4 girls) with Mrs. Mayes at Wesley Prep, Pre-K (MWF)
- Prayer captured, "Our Father, I want to thank you for everything.  I love my Daddy, my Mommy, my Grams, my Pop Pop, Fe, Big Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma and oh, Sawyer.  The end and Amen."

- Scheduled Sawyer's first haircut...cancelled it.
- Sawyer is in 2 days of Toddler B with Mrs. Darla and Mrs. Whitney at Northway Christian Day School.
- Our little silent one is getting in trouble for talking during nap time (on a nap mat)...he's 1.
- Such the little copy cat.  It's like your sister has a mirror following her.