Wednesday, February 11, 2015

With a New Year, a New Blog Photo is introduced....

...and the winner is!

BACK STORY :  Cayman has a weird ear obsession.  This is one of many similar ear attacks, but the difference with this one, and reason it was chosen, is it happens to be during a professional photo session...

Thanks again TOMATOJUICEphoto

{CEH - 3.5y I SLH 10m}

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

December - Part III {Sawyer turns ONE}

There was no time for the post Christmas blues this year, we had a party to plan!  We truly cannot believe how fast this year has jetted by.  Honestly, as many moms do, I have dreaded this day, but welcomed it as well.  Happy that my baby boy is thriving and growing and healthy, but so sad to see some of that baby disappearing already.  We made it a year, but a year is already here.  A friend once said, "I adore those baby days", I did not "get it" at the the time, but boy do I now.  Now, by no means am I an old pro after a second baby, but I was so much more relaxed in knowing he wasn't going to die every moment (Hook may not agree) and could relish the days a bit more because of that.   Oh boy, okay, let's get on with this so I can dry up my alligator tears....

12.29.15...and what better way to start out "Sawyer's Blog Post", than with another adorable shot of Cayman. 

...and we did.  Wink.  31 - 7.  Go Hogs!


Vicky-Tanya might as well be part of our family.  As Cayman puts it, "she makes our house smell gooood", she is a savior and loves our babies so much.  Our first Hispanic Catholic wedding.  So happy for Tanya and Pedro.  We were almost asked to leave when we showed up without the kids though.


Sawyer turns 1 and becomes such a big boy...overnight...tear.

12.30.14  We have delightfully added balloons to Sawyer's "favorite things" list.

I got this Mom.

PopPop getting me ready for some cake.

Hmmmm...I could handle more of this.
How many iPhones does it take...  Cayman is really confused as to what is happening at this moment and why all the cameras are pointed towards someone else.

12.31.15  Grams and PopPop joined us for their first SMU basketball game at Moody Coliseum 

1.1.15  This boy LOVES balloons!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

My, how our New Year's Mornings have changed.  Thank you to ALL who braved in the freezing temps (and I'm proud to say, there were still a few hangovers) to help us celebrate Sawyer's crossing the one year threshold.  (ps. if anyone managed to snap any photos of the group, please email them to me...we managed to not capture any photos of anyone at his first birthday party...shame on us).  Such a fun day for the sweetest, hungriest, loving baby boy I know.

Favorite things mashed into one! Food and balls!

The weather was so cold and icky the entire time Mom and Dad were in town, but thankfully PopPop still took Gus and Cayman out for their daily walks.

Happy One Year Young Sawyer Little Harmeling
"Sweet Boy", "Frank the Tank", "Buddy, Buddy Buttons".

We love you so.

Sadly, as I mentioned in an earlier, Cayman missed most everything in early December due to an odd stomach ordeal so I didn't really journal about anything on her.  Poor sweet love.  Glad she got better, we were beginning to wonder.
- 12/31 You did decide to provide a little New Year's Eve entertainment...meanwhile, downstairs, we were enjoying our NYE dinner with Grams and PopPop...someone decided to sneak into mommy's mani/pedi bag and give yourself a knee to toe manicure on mommy and daddy's new white linen bedding that now resides at PopPop's duck camp...
- 12/8 Tooth 7 - lower right lateral incisor,  12/10 Tooth 8 - lower left lateral incisor.
- You love stair climbing, putting objects in containers, waiving, giving kisses and big hugs and pats on the back, uncontrollable giggles, comical eating and drinking face, balloons, Christmases and birthday parties.  Pretty much anything sister gets excited about, you get excited about too. 
You progressed from almost standing unassisted by mid-month, to standing unassisted (just put something in your hand), to taking your first two steps on 12/26, to it only took a cute blonde, Miss Heather Winn, to entice a 3-4 steps out of you on 12/28, to more confidence and few more steps by your birthday.
- First Christmas.
MOMMY & DADDY - We just thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas with the kiddos and first birthday for Sawyer and CANNOT wait for many more!  So fun! Now time to plan more birthdays, Daddy on 1/12 and Cayman's 4th on 3/4!