Saturday, April 11, 2015


The "Madness" of March always seems to live up to its name in the Harmeling household.  If we are lucky, lots of Great Basketball, Big Birthdays and Beautiful Blooms of Spring.  This March was no different!

Nic Moore (AAC Player of the Year) cutting the nets in celebration of the Mustangs being the 2015 American Athletic Conference Champions.

We joined Anna and Baby Elliot at the Arboretum early in the month and just shy of the big tulip bloom
 My Cabbage Patch Kid

Cayman is always in such awe of the beautiful princesses at the Arboretum for their Quincenera pictures.  With a little push from Anna, she braved up enough to ask for a picture.  Who needs Disney World?

A few tulips were popping out.

Boy how times have changed.  Yes, that would be DUKE playing in the background.  

Big Daddy and Fe upgraded Cayman's wheels to a "big girl" bike.   Now, to get her on it.

Both SMU and AR were playing for their conference championships on the same day.  Like I mentioned, this season was busy since we were cheering on 3 teams!

SMU sealed the deal after winning the AAC Tournament in Hartford, CT 
Mini Pony fans - Sawyer, Nicholette Weber and Cayman

Mom forgot his sippy cup...this big boy has no need for a sippy cup when their is a straw. 

Lots of shots, vision/hearing tests and more interaction between doc and patient vs. parent.   Growing up is hard work!
After Cayman's 4-Year Check-Up, the kids and I headed to the Woodlands to spend the weekend with the Staggs cousins and Daddy headed to Louisville to cheer on the Mustangs in their first NCAA tournament bid since 1993.  It rained most of the weekend, but we still had a blast!
Milk does a body good!  Cayman (light milk drinker) vs. her 7 month older cousin Rowan (heavy milk drinker)

Cayman, Sawyer and Rowan had a play date at their church in the Woodlands

Pre Fun Run selfie in the rain!

Post Fun-Run 

Cutie-pie Rowan

Tarpon is showing some age with grays and tummy troubles after boarding.  A creature of habit more than ever...

The savior, Uncle Stu, watched this crazy crew while Hook and I headed into Houston to watch Duke play in the Sweet 16 and Aunt Melissa had a night out with some girlfriends.

Sweet Sixteen!  Duke 63 - Utah 57

Woodlands fishing tourney


Boy were they blooming!

Coach K was super excited!

Elite 8!  Duke 66 - Gonzaga 52 (look who is finally smiling)

This crew was cheering on DUKE!

Meanwhile, back at the splash pad.

Sawyer is still hanging in the high 90's for height percentile.  

Big Daddy and beautiful Fe in the Bahamas for a year please.