Thursday, May 14, 2015

April Flowers - 2015

4.1.15  Finally got to meet this little, big guy.  Marco, you are one lucky boy...and Morgan Cox, you are one lucky dad.  Thanks for sharing your morning.
4.2.15  Now, we get to the flowers.
Bethany Jordan called to ask us to join she, Palmer and baby Grace to TEXAS-TULIPS, the first blooming tulip field in TX, in Pilot Point.   What a spectacular, windy sight!

Aren't these flower baskets the cutest?!?  We followed up our tulip pickin' with a lovely lunch at Sweet Water Coffee House.

4.2.15  Another fun HP Playgroup!  Easter Egg Hunt at The Fays!  This should definitely be an annual event!

4.3.15  Egg dying.  Bring it!

4.4.15  Sawyer found his FIRST egg!

Easter duds.

Thanks to the Blythes and Lakewood for yet another fun holiday event. 

4.5.15  Bonita Avenue backyard hunt.

4.5.15  GO DUKE!  ...and they did!  {Duke-68 vs. WI-63 }
4.9.15  These two and their lunch dates.  Cayman is truly thrown off when we miss our weekly, Friday lunch date with "Twuitt".

4.10.15  Both kids smiling.  Looking at the camera.  At the same time.  A rare event. 
4.12.15  After living in Texas for fifteen years, this is the first year I have sought out bluebonnets.  I know, I know...and I LOVE flowers A LOT!  (So much so, I used to dream about walking through fields of wildflowers with a basket and almost took a job with Cebolla just a few years ago.)  Don't worry, didn't break the TX law.  May have sat on a few, but no picking on this bluebonnet trail expedition.  Apparently, this wasn't even prime-time yet!

Indian Paintbrush

I mean.


When in Rome, I mean Ennis.

We got to feed these beautiful Belgian Drafts.  Cayman was definitely dressed for the occasion!

Be still my heart.
...annnnnd...they are over it.  Still pretty though, ha!
Just another Tuesday night in McKinney/Durant.  Weber's Choctaw and Pizza birthday party!

4.17-19.15  Little Rock, AR

These cousins are going to be quite the pair!  I could just eat that sweet baby Alexis.

My dear, best friend of almost 40 years, turned 40.  Enough said.  Here's to 40 more!!!
Alexis was baptized at Pulaski Heights UMC by Rev. Britt Skarda, who also officiated Sayward and Bryant's wedding in Fayetteville, AR, five years ago, almost to the day.  Pretty darn special.


9.3.14        Cayman | preschool | Mrs. Zelazny        4.23.15

Wesley Prep 2015 Art Show

Maiden voyage on the Stride Rite (Preston Center) shoe ride.  New Sandals!  I will miss our Wednesday mini-dates.  Cayman and I have had a whole hour between pick-ups to run a fun little errand together before we have to be at Northway to pick up brother.  Until next year my dear...then we will have 2 days!

- Perfecting big girl panties at night
- turned 4
- 2nd Parent/Teacher conference:  We all agreed Cayman hates to pedal a bike of any sorts and her best friend is Wyatt.
- regressing with night-time potty habits

- Finally learned how to sign "please"
- Dancing King
- Officially self-weaned cold turkey.  You little hard-headed boy.
- "MAMA"
- Pretend play - pretending to eat with a spoon out of a tea cup
- "Bubble"
- Molars....
- "Dog. Dog. Dog."
- "Ball" 
- Molars....I mean, two months, come on?