Monday, June 15, 2015

I MAY Have Turned Forty

I went through a series of emotions this month...because...I may have turned 4o.  Early in the month, I was secretly excited.  I mean, my birthday was coming up.  Then, I kept being asked and reminded about turning "the big 4-0".  Not one who wants to be the center of attention, I had told Hook way back when that I wanted to go to Arkansas (and hide) from lots of attention.  My close friends here in Dallas were smart (know me well) and kept an awesome birthday party surprise from me until minutes before.  As for my actual birthday weekend in AR, it was also perfection and as always, my sweet husband outdid himself! All in all, it was a wonderful birthday month, spent with friends, family and my loves, and today, I feel no older than I did yesterday, so cheers to 40+ more with all of you!

Now that we got that out of the way, onto everything more important that happened this month!

5.1.15  Some of our HPUMC Playgroup at the May Day play date.
5.1.15  Getting ready for her first dance.

My date for the evening

Wesley Prep Fater Daughter Dance 2015

Be still our hearts...

5.4.15  Sawyer is quite fearful of his crab book.
5.7.15  The kid prefers a fork.  What the heck?

5.10.15  Why I am celebrated.

2014                                2015
5.11.15  "Bird" - She's quite the artist these days.  You should see her "Minke Whale"!
5.13.15  So thankful for these ladies (HPUMC Mom's Group)!  Not sure I could have survived early motherhood without their support.  Sadly, we are losing another one.  Carrie Bowman and her girls are moving to Boulder, CO.

5.14.15  Uncle John came to town to eat Blue Fish and stopped in for a photo opp.

5.15.15  Saint Anne's patio / W Hotel Surprise Party.  Love you gals more than words!
Should have known something was up when Jenna told me to pack the infamous Y2K boa.

5.17.15 - Russellville, AR - Aunt Marilyn, Nanny and Dad at Pappaw's gravesite decoration.
5.17.15  "Twin Babies" - Hendrix Davis + Sawyer always in their unplanned coordinating outfits.

5.20.15  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL  (posing these 2 is becoming A LOT more difficult)

5.20.15  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL :  Sawyer really did love his Infants class at Northway and Mrs. Marissa & Mrs. Rigat 

September 2014                                 May 2015
5.21.15  Fayetteville, AR

5.22.15 Sayward, Cayman, Hook, Dad and I visited the UofA Chi Omega house just days before the majority of it is taken down to create a new, more up-to-date living environment.  It's quite bittersweet to say the least.  It's really showing its age, but it makes me sad that Cayman may not remember it as it was when mommy lived there.  Of course, if Daddy has anything to do with it, she won't be going to Arkansas anyway....stay tuned!
Oh the memories!

Since we are 6 years apart in age, Say and I were never members at the same time, but how cool is it that no our girls are double-legacies at the founding chapter of Chi Omega!

5.22.15  Climbing castles at

Tarpon the Gargoyle

5.23.15  What can I say, the man knows how to buy flowers!

My bestie of almost 40 years and her husband were able to double date with Hook and I for the birthday weekend in NW AR

Dinner at HIVE at 21c and our party of 5, DID NOT DISAPPOINT !
Sour apple cotton candy...I mean!!!  Tasted like a Jolly Rancher!

Night, night.

5.24.15  Slick and Fuzzy are truly a mess of a pair of kitties.  Spoiled rotten!
5.25.15  Red River cresting at N TX / OK border. 

Our drive home was quite the adventure.  Warning, after warning, ...

Home Sweet HOME!

5.28.15  Thanks to a rainy day, painters in the house = 7 hours at the mall = both Cayman and Sawyer were introduced to the children's area / planter of death / rite of passage at NorthPark Center.

5.30.15 This boy and his hats.

Jimmy Buffett 2015 {Brandon & Kalee Blythe, Jamie Santiago, Chad Butler, John & Andrea Weber}

- Has become really good at writing "CAYMAN", "all by myself".
- "Please, peaze, peaze, pretty, pretty, peeze"

- Hand, Foot, Mouth (luckily it was a mild case)
- Unsolicited, started using a fork.  You were sooo proud!
- "TRACTOR", such the boy