Tuesday, July 21, 2015


6.7.15 FIRST Dress Rehearsal

6.7.15  FIRST Kiss {Nicholette Weber}

John Weber and Cayman.

Homer came to town.  Triumvirate reunite.


6.8.15  FIRST Dance Recital and Red Lips

FIRST gift of flowers

SMU - McFarlin Auditorium

Contemporary Ballet Dallas - 3-5 Combo Tap & Ballet

NAPA 2015

6.10.15  View from Aonair house

6.11.15 CADE

{Andrea Weber, Adriane, John Weber, Sara Davis, Hook}

6.12.15  Ferrari-Carano Vinyards {John & Andrea Weber, Janet & Mark Muller, Stacy & Sara Davis, Adriane & Hook, Geoff & Susan Ricks}


Meanwhile, back in Dallas, the kids were have a grand ole time with Grams and Pop Pop.

VBS - HPUMC "Everest"

He would wear this hat all day if I let him.

Chef driven dinner at the Aonair house.

We had a great time catching up with cousins Geoff and Susan.

There was a lot of this of course...

Quick lunch stop in Sausalito, CA on the way back to SFO

6.16.15  Slight allergy to walnuts

circa April '15  This photo is a bit dated, but I adore this photo of Grams and PopPop with Baby Alexis.

6.17.15  It's been a really wet early Summer in Dallas, I mean, really wet.

6.18.15  Someone is getting really stubborn.  Refusing to say "please".  Little did we know he was preparing us to say "please" vs. sign it.

It's a formal dining everyday in this household.

6.20.15  Sporting our peasant dresses post Hendrix Davis' 1st Birthday Fiesta.


A quick weekend in Little Rock, AR

FIRST successful (non-cousin) sleepover...aka...they actually slept.

6.27.15  Nanny's (Mary Staggs) 90th Birthday Celebration at Burn's Park - North Little Rock, AR.

Besides the large group shots, this was the best attempt at a "cousins" shot... {Rowan Staggs, Cayman, Reed Staggs (Sawyer and Alexis were napping}

6.29.15  I mean...can these girls get much cuter?  Alexis' first beach trip - Rosemary Beach

6.30.15  This will teach me to pretend play with Cayman..."Beauty Shop".

6.30.15  18 MONTHS!

18 MO Stats
6.30.15  Sweet Thing.  This "BUH" is #1 in his book right now.  "Little Blue Truck" by Jill McElmurry

CAYMAN - JUNE '15:  
- 34 pounds
- Haircut #3 
- Loves spelling out words in books
- Lots of make-believe

- 27.5 pounds (early June weigh-in at home)
- Stubborn.  Refused to sign "please".  We had a good 1.5 hour stand-off that ended with you going to bed without bottle or books.  Stubbbb-orn!
- "No, no, no, no, no, no"...copying Mommy maybe?
- Can walk up and down steps holding our hand.  Cayman didn't walk until the day before her 18 month appt! 
- Favorite book:  "Little Blue Truck" by
- "Where is PopPop?"...Really?  The pediatrician asked if you had said any "two-word phrases" yet...uhh, no...you are a man of few words...and the following morning, you said this?!?!