Saturday, December 31, 2016

September 2016

9.1.16  Swinging with Big Daddy - Jacksonville, FL


Hermine in person...  - St. Augustine, FL

Mindy and Lee's little pre-wedding Razorback shower.  {Chare, Kristie, Glenda, Mindy, Cindy, Me, Betsey, Julie, Bliss}
9.2.16  Pre-Rehearsal Dinner

Meanwhile, back in Jacksonville.  Bass fishing in Big Daddy & Fe's backyard.

9.3.16  Blushingly beautiful wedding party 

The winds finally calmed down enough for a shelling opportunity.

My handsome date.

9.4.16  Big Daddy, Cayman and Hook made out for a bit of fishing.

Cleaning up the Scout.  1992 edition

9.6.16  Meet the teacher day for Cayman.

9.7.16  First day if Kinder...

9.8.16  First day of Older 2's - Mrs. Cathy

Tooo bright mom!

9.9.16  Finally...first day or Kinder for this 5 year old.  - Wesley Prep

Mrs. Linda

Mrs. Madden - Owl Room

9.10.16  First soccer game - Wesley Prep Panthers

9.13.16  Sick day / Park day / Daisy Chain - Glencoe Park

9.14.16  "Things I love" by Cayman

9.18.16  Mini Mustang Camp

9.18.16  Cayman's "It's All About Me Tee"

9.19.16  "Ohhh say can you see..."

9.27.16  Rivals for the day.  Cayman Harmeling and Chloe Voss

9.29.26  Two years, nine months

Sunday, November 20, 2016

An August to Remember, Pacific to Atlantic - 2016

Kindergarten...ready or not, we go!

8.5 Backpack ready

Kinder Kickoff Party with HPUMC Mom's Group
The Moms.

8.2  Cayman's first soccer practice.  Sweet Oliver Alaniz providing some words of encouragement I'm sure.

8.7  First circus for both kids.  Hendrix joined and Nicolette hosted.

....and he is circused out.

8.10  Crazy hair day at Cross Cheer - HPUMC

8.12  Longtime buddy, Eliana.

8.11  Team day!  Pink shoelaces for the win!

8.11  Thanking Grams and PopPop in advance. 

8.14  Midway meet and greet in McAlister, OK at Angel's 50's Diner

8.15  Hawaii, we have arrived!  That flight's a breeze after Australia!

"Waking up" to a welcome sunset.  Our backyard view for the week.

These guys seem to follow us everywhere...or is it...that we follow them?

8.17  Meanwhile, back in the other God's country, the kids were having a ball with Grams, PopPop and Gus.  Gulley Park.

Parker Ranch Farmer's Market - Waimea, HI

Meanwhile...Hook was catching a fish.

8.18  No laying out on our beach, but man is it beautiful!

We've always been leery of Saddle Road.  Rental cars not allowed, treacherous, etc...  Well, who knew, with the exception of about 3 miles, it's a brand new paved (straight) highway now!

Saddle Road Adventure - Mauna Loa (backdrop)

Maunakea Visitor Information Station lookout 9,200 ft. - Above the clouds!

Pretty red plant with pink flowers that prefers to grow on black lava.  Oh, the things you see in HI.

On the other side of the rainbow.  Rainbow Falls - Hilo, HI

Much to Hook's chagrin, I have lost even more of my lack of sea legs and only made it out fishing one day this trip...that said...I did manage to catch a fish between my sea sickness medical induced coma. I did get to add to the "many adventures of Adriane while Hook is fishing" journal.  ...And I may or may not have gotten picked up by a security guard for trespassing.  He felt sorry for me...I was out of water and it was hot hiking on lava at noon on the leeward side of the island...always an adventure.

8.19  The many adventures of Adriane while Hook is fishing. Wawaloli Beach Park.

Pretty yellow plant that enjoys salty spray and also black lava.

Almost daily walk from the Hali i Kai condos.  Strolled by these Anchialine Fish Ponds almost every day - Wailkaloa Village, HI

8.20  Sand?  Hawaiian style

In my adventures, I found this tiny little beach between a couple of homes in Puako and it was literally covered in turtles.  Like, I spotted at least 20 (not all the same species either)!

Miss Blue Marlin

Honokohau Harbour

Rumor had it that there was live lava flow into the ocean.  In the 15 years we've been traveling to HI, this hasn't been happening, so on day ? we decided to drive South and around to Volcanos National Park.  Turns out, the easier access was on the Kalapana side of the flow, not the park side.  So an extra long day, with a few scenic stops in the desolate (many beaches along this route requires time), but still amazing, part of the island, we finally made it to our unbelievable destination.  We were to afraid to get close enough to melt our shoes, but we felt the heat, heard the crackles and saw land being created!  A-MAZ-ING!!!

8.21  The "Southernmost bakery in the USA".

Scrumptous sweetbreads!

Incredible lava rock formations everywhere!

...speaking of.  ...and that would be a lava flow visual!

Hiking over 4 miles in on a 1990 lava flow that covered the town of Kalapana to see the newest flow.  A bit creepy.  Note the smoke.
Formation, after formation, after formation.

If you look closely, you can see the heat.

A lava rock wrapped in a banana leaf.  A gift to Pele the fire goddess.  Many people were carrying flowers in as well.

8.25  Kids measuring mommy's 9 year anniversary surprise.

8.26  My 91 year old Nanny.

8.28  Cayman is really into "decorating" for pretty much any occasion.  She's going to be a good one to have around at Christmas this year!

And, we are off to Jacksonville, FL to marry off a dear friend and meet  Hermine head on.  Wish us luck!

8.31  Hermine

Sporting Fe's Hibiscus.  Oops!  Thank goodness she's blook and really cute!