Thursday, March 10, 2016

Drummm rooollll....It's a New Year, It's a New Day

1.1.16  Cheers to another wonderful year.

...and with that said, drum rolllllll please....the 2016 Blog Photo has been released!

Squishy hugs

The 2015 Blog Book is now in hand.  I not only want to keep friends and family up-to-date, but also document our lives.

1.3.16  First ride at White Rock!

We spotted the Monk Parakeet colony at White Rock.  Who knew?

Hook's 40th Weekend

1.8.16  Big Daddy's airport greeting!!  In town for Hook's 40th.

Big Daddy's customary post-arrival BBQ stop

1.9.16  Dallas World Aquarium

The Morgans came in town for the 40th too!  Mallory Morgan and Cayman, "besties"

SURPRISE!!!  John, Jennifer and Tom Harmeling came in town for the celebration too!

What a wonderful night of celebrating Hook.  I regret not taking more pictures of so many friends who could make it.  Thanks again for helping make a great night!!!

SURPRISE!!!  Chuck White and a Coach K autograph!  Props Chuck

John, Jen, birthday boy and I at Javier's.

Justin and Lauren Garrity

Manny and posers.  

1.7.16  Cheering on those Ponies.  Nail biter, but they won.

1.10.16  SMU vs. UCF

1.15.16  HPUMC Mom's Group Weekend at Beaver's Bend, OK. These ladies hold a special place in my heart!  5 years, 18 kids and counting (more like 30, but we are missing a few special ladies)!

Thanks for the cute monogrammed wine glasses Anna!

They adore each other...but, most often don't show it.

This red dog puts up with a lot for a little love.

Prepping for mermaid birthday at the beach

Congratulation Baby Elliott Soon on his first steps.   Such a special moment!

2nd Haircut...too soon!  

Cousins, "Scott" and Geoff...These adorable boys turned 40 this month!

Snapped this sweet moment between Rev. Mark Craig and Rev. Paul Rasmussen during half-time at the SMU game.  HPUMC love.

1.30.16  Memphis vs. SMU [W 80-68] Forgive me for this and many more basketball posts... it has taken up a little piece of our hearts lately.  These guys have no post-season play this year, but are playing their hearts out.  Such a fun thing to be a part of.  It is driving our date nights and along with Carolina Panther football, may be our only sports hope this Winter/Spring.  (Nick Moore 11, Ben Moore 00)