Tuesday, July 19, 2016

May Day, May Day!

It was such a busy month that I hardly had a chance to take pictures.  Ha!  Kidding.

5.1.16  Annual Crawfish Boil at the Mayeux's in our adopted neighborhood HH&SM

5.5.16  The clubhouse.

5.6.16  Wesley Prep Pre-K Mother's Day Brunch program.  The songs were adorable and so sweet.

Artwork, vase, frame and food service all by Cayman.

What a wonderful little program.  Love you Baby Girl.
5.6.16  A little park, grill cheese and ice cream date with my littles.

5.8.16  Happy Mother's Day gifts

Dinosaur march.
Why thank you Tarpon.  Exactly what I was hoping for in a Mother's Day Gift!
Hell of a nap!

5.13.16  Dinner date with the Jordan family in the Bishop Arts Distric.  Neo's Pizza was yummy!  Sawyer was in hog heaven since he is Palmer's biggest fan...and what little girl (Grace) doesn't love a "big girl".

5.14.16  He gets a lot of special treatment now days...

5.17.16  Picture day at Contemporary Ballet Dallas

5.18.16  Pre-K Graduation - Wesley Prep {Oliver, Cayman, Jack Watts, Grayson, Xander, Shelby, Henry, Landry, (Stella-np)}  It was a small class, but I'm pretty sure they made up for it.

5.20.16  Mary Watts and I were lucky enought to be co-room moms this year.  We ended it with sugar-filled cookie making party for this soon-to-be Kinders.

Thank you for a great year Mrs. Mayes!

September 2015 > May 2016

5.20.16  Last day of Pre-K

I turned 41, la-t-da.  Anna and Eric Soon happened to be in town from OKC and helped celebrate!


5.25.16  Ms. Whitney & Mrs. Darla

Dear, sweet Mrs. Rose, Northway's music teacher and Sawyer's favorite.

Where did my baby go?

5.27.16  Alexis photo proof of an impromptu trip to Little Rock for Dad's surgery. 

5.30.16  Meanwhile, back at the U.S. Space Station.  Daddy got creative!  Control panels and everything!