Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Butterflies, Bluebonnets, Grandma & Cherry Blossoms - April 2016 was a month of all things beautiful!  Spring is here!

4.1.16  Butterflies are coming, butterflies are coming!

4.3.16  Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, Athens, TX

4.5.16  They finally showed their beautiful wings.  All 10 at that!

4.7.16  GRANDMAAAAA!!!!!

Grandma's arrival warranted a Butterfly release.

4.7.16  Token trip to the Arboretum while Grandma is in town.

4.9.16  Ennis, TX  Bluebonnet Trail - Beautiful Belgians

See, Texas does have some beauty.

Beautiful bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush

We tried.
Grandma, the dog and kid whisperer.

4.10.16  Now that was a beautiful nap!

4.12.16  Breaking in the new uniform.

4.14.16  Happy 40th John Weber.   Albiernet's - Dallas, TX

4.15.16  Brooks Farrell's 5th Birthday Party at the Fay house.

...and the parentals.

A big ole McPheron Dallas visit! Cayman, Preston, Parker, Nicholette, Sawyer

Red and Blue Game - SMU
4.17.16  Why thank you Tarpon.  Exactly what I was hoping for in a Mother's Day Gift!

4.22.16  Cherry Blossoms!  Tysons Corner, VA

DC, day 1:  First and formost, a visit with Emmy and Lexi Condra

Fast friends!  Just like their mommies.

Goodbyes are so hard.  Not so long next time...

4.23.16  A wonderful visit with beautiful Great Grandmother Dooky. Knollwood, Washington, D.C.
Hook's Grandfather, "Jack" John T. Harmeling

Hook's Dad a.k.a. Big Daddy

John T. (5), Cayman (5), Hook, Dooky, Sawyer (2), John Harmeling III, John Harmeling
Little Hook and Dooky

That's a lot of Big Daddy love!

Oh my, these cousins...

Happy 70th Big Daddy!  America's Eats - Ritz Carlton, Tyson's Corner

How cute, they match!

Bellying up after a good party!
Many, but not quite all of the cousins' kids!

Rowan is going to make a great babysitter very soon!
4.24.16  Smithsonian Zoo - Big Buds

The pandas were such a treat.  Only zoo  in the U.S. allowed to borrow them from China.

Needless to say, we've made a few internet visits to the panda cams since this.

Token family photo.  The White House is lookng mighty handsome after tis facelift.

A little sword fighting in front of the Pentagon

Whoa, this is big time!

Don't touch the....

4.28.16  Wesley Prep Art Show
4.29.16  Show and tell.


   - 4/7/16 {C} Swam the entire length on the pool at Baylor Landry Center with Coach Peron.  "Dog Digs" and "Listen to the Fish”


   - Favorite book:  "Dinosaur Dig"