Thursday, September 29, 2016

Julyed, It Does Get Hotter

July was full of lots of hot weather and lots FIRSTS!

7.2.16  FIRST diving board attempt.  This girl LOVES the water.  It's just too bad we aren't in it more often.  We have had her in swim lessons year round just to try to compensate and know she would be an absolute fish if only she were in it more than once or twice a week. 

7.2.16  Trying my best to country-fy these kids a little bit...  My buddies and I had dozens of these shells in our collections.  Sawyer was all for it.  Cayman, not so much.

We found a live (fresh) locust the next day.

7.4.16  TRADITION:  University Park 4th of July Parade.

Cayman, Hendrix, Sawyer and Nicolette donning their best red, white and blue.

What's a 4th without water and popsicles?

...and (naked) sparklers (mommies favorite).

Yes, honey, Morning Glory sparklers are magical!

7.7.16  FIRST tooth to go!  Thank you for a wonderful baby gift Jennie and Dude!  The tooth fairy finally gets to visit the pillow!

5 Years, 4 Months

7.8.16  Sawyer's 2 1/2 Year Check-Up Stats

FIRST tennis lesson happened!  FIRST tooth fairy loot.  5... GOLD... COINS...

Work it girl!

Mommy / Daddy date at the Arboretum with Ray Johnston tunes. 
"One Dallas"

7.10.16  Church


7.12.16  COUSINS visit:  Chappell, Cayman, John T and Sawyer

 7.13.15  We back our blue!

What a fun visit with the cousins.  Can't wait until we get to hang out again!

These two are quite the pair.  They are the sweetest and silliest together.

Goodbyes are always so hard...

7.15.16  Man it's hot!

7.15.16  A boy and his rockets.

7.16.16  Mindy's wedding shower in Texas.  Cannot wait to get this girl married!

My wedding shower date.

7.18.16  Popsicles with the Martin boys!

7.20  Lakewood pool days with the Webers and Davises.  My kids adore the lifeguards.

9.21.2012  > 7.25.2016

7.26.26 Their happy place.

7.27.16  Fayetteville's Frisco Trail walk

7.28.16   "I live in a van, down by the river."

7.29.16  Throwback jewelry {self-made earrings, charm necklace and more}

Our little Troll Doll grew into quite a beautiful troll.

7.29.16  Sawyer and his Papa G.

Cayman swimming with PopPop

Cayman and her Mama G

What a lovely afternoon at Springdale CC with this crew!

7.30.16  A little stroll around to some of our favorite spots on the UofA campus

Whoooo Pig!  Whooo Kids!

Can't wait to see the inside of the new house!  XO

We do a lot of family swinging at Grams and PopPop's.  {Paul Vinson, Charlene (np)}. Another wonderful Northwest AR visit in the books!

Monday, September 5, 2016

June - Summertime

Summer 2016 has officially begun.  Time to fill our days with fun, antics, laughter and sun before it gets too awfully hot.  ...and off we go!

Me:  Sawyer, what is this?   Sawyer:  Scream cone.  Me:  Okay, what is this?   Sawyer:  A peanut {aka. a penis}.
6.2.16  Date night with Ray Johnston Band {#GoesGoodWith CD release party}

6.3.16  Running off energy in the NorthPark town greens

6.4.16  Happy 2nd Birthdays Hendrix and Sadie!

Party hugs all around

6.6.16  CBD Dance Recital II in the books {Tightroap Walkers - tap}


6.9.16  New/old friends at swim lessons {Sawyer, Annabelle Strohbehn, Cayman}

Always squirrel hunting

Brooks, Cayman and Claire - HPUMC VBS '16

Show-off day with Swimming With Jordan

6.12.16  Always searching for fishing holes around Dallas {Grapevine}

First day of Summer School at NCDS {5's and Younger 2's}

6.16.16  Grams' 70th

6.17.16  Family selfie

Sweet, sweet boy

6.19.16 Two best daddies I know!
Kicked off our week on 30A with Father's Day

Sawyer and Eve turtle-spotting at sunset

6.20.16  The Morgans

Ev and Sawyer escaping the waves

Crab hunting in the lake outfalls.  Sawyer's favorite part of the beach!

These two sillies in their matching suits

 And still LYLAS 36 years later

  Got to hang with an old friend who lives in vacation-land.  Mimi Nipper Gavigan

Hunting sea life

These cool jellies showed up later in the week.

6.21.16  Adult day at Watersound Beach Club
6.22.16  Another nice Red for Cayman

Always in the bait well


6.23.16 Post brunch shenanigans in Seaside

Parent date night {Drinks at the Pearl and dinner at George's}

Date night crab hunting in Alys Beach

6.24.16  Cayman and Mal became big pals
6.25.16  My Bud at Bud & Alley's.  Last night. 

6.24.16  The whole Harmeling-Morgan crew {Cayman, Sawyer, Adriane, Melissa, Mallory, Hook, Brent Everett}

6.26.16  A bite I LuLu Buffett's before we jump on the plane

6.30.16  Cheers to the start of a great Summer! {Kern N' Oil by Rapscallion}