Tuesday, November 21, 2017

July 2017 - Wild, Wild West

7.3.17  Sawyer the Hulk...he really needs more boy toys.  The Wertz household is like his heaven on Earth.

4th of July with Samantha, Jenna, Anna and their posse!  Brookhaven Kaboom Town

The posse!


7.4.17  Highland Park 4th of July parade

7.2.17  Warren Young's 40th Birthday Party

7.8.17  Colorado Rockies, here we come!

7.9.17  Gondola to AJAX

Top of AJAX Mountain

Elk heard of El Jebel

Looking for hot springs Carbondale, CO

Slow Groovin' BBQ - Marble, CO

It was a great day!

Elk sighting

Pretty things.  Hook, A, Melissa and Brent Morgan.

Fishing is fishing, right Hook?

Rocky Fork Creek - Roaring Fork River, Basalt, CO

7.10.17  Mallory and Cayman, "we are Twinsies".

What a crazy picture!  NO, that is NOT a mirror.  Just the Morgan and Harmeling kids.

7.11.17  Grottos hike.   Aspen, CO

Brent, Melissa, Everette, Mallory Morgan & Adriane, Sawyer, Cayman, Hook Harmeling

Beautiful backdrop for our lifesaver travel sitter, Kacey Hight!

Independence Pass


7.12.17  The Harmeling WILL ALWAYS find a fishing hole!  Basalt, CO

Adriane and her Aspen trees.

...and a swimming hole.  

A couple "deer" on our back porch.  El Jebel, CO

Castle Peak never got old.  Look close, you can see Wilson!

7.13.17  Roaring Fork Beer Company - Carbondale, CO  

Pettus People ventured to the Aspen countryside for dinner. (Wyatt, Ella, Olivia, Sawyer, Cayman)

Hook, Kristina, Wyatt, A, Melissa, Brent - Real good people.

Meanwhile, this crew was enjoying sunny Florida.  Wonder who was hotter, CO mountains or Florida beaches?!?  Who knew?  (Rowan, Melissa, Stuart, Reed Staggs)

7.14.17  Finally, it cooled...well...we got in the hot tub.

79 Wind River Road  Home for a week.

Basalt, CO

My second trip down Shishone Pass

7.19.17  My little tennis ball.

7.22.17  Ranchin'.  Selah Springs Ranch - Brady, TX  

View of the San Saba River

John T and John
100 degrees in the shade, but what a shot!!!  {Cayman-6, Tom-2, Chappell-5, Sawyer-3, John T.-7}

Those Harmeling girls


Driving the ranch

Those West Texas skies...

Time to leave the ranch... (Brown Recluses, Scorpions, Cockleburrs...oh hell no..)

7.23.17  Last minute fishing.  John T.'s fish (species, unknown)

Sawyer's catfish.

Dublin, TX

First tastes of soda!  ...but, felt a little ripped off with no Dr. Pepper to taste...

7.25.17  Before and after shots of some teeth pulling.  Hoping to fix that underbite...
...and I can attest that we had some really good travelers this month.  Some welcome, some not.  About 3 days back from our CO trip, we discovered a little field mouse juuuust like the ones that would run around the back porch or the mountain house had invaded our Dallas home/pantry...  Then about a month after the ranch, two baby scorpions fell out of our laundry hamper....  I've never in my life run across a scorpion or a field mouse in or around our Dallas home.   Coincidence, I think not...