Friday, May 5, 2017

Another December to Remember - 2016

12.1.16  This is December in S. Florida

12.2.16  Anderson - Kilanowski nuptials

'Tis the season for Stone Crab!

Boca Raton Resort & Club

12.4.16  Go Ponies! vs. Delaware St.

Look at those 2 sweet little gifts.  They look a bit lonely.

12.5.16  Crab night at Truluck's...since we didn't get enough in FL.  Great night with dear old friends!  James Fontana, Greg Hurt, Ginger Hickman, Morgan Cox, Andrea Weber

12.6.16  Cayman age 5 years, 9 months

12.7.16  SMU vs. TCU - win!

12.7.16  Fran Fraschilla feud ending - TRUCE!

12.8.16  Meeting sweet baby Pierce Blythe - 2.5 weeks old

Santa ready!

12.9.16  These haircuts are getting closer together.

Daddy and Darrell Chatelain - A good day in the Delta!  H&L Duck Camp - Isabel, AR

12.10.16  Neiman Marcus - Downtown Dallas - Santa bound! Sawyer (2), Cayman (5), Hendrix (2)

The absolute joy of this Season.  I just adore watching it through their eyes. 

Lots of great shots this year.

No words.

My favorite

12.12.16  They wouldn't stop licking it.  Gingerbread houses are just not fair!

12.13.16  My elves are growing up...

12.16.16  Mrs. Madden's Christmas Owls - PJ Day!

Kindergarten Christmas Party
12.16.16  Harmeling - Davis Christmas exchange 2016

So special.  Saucey gave Cayman her childhood original Cabbage Patch Kid from China.  What a treasure.

Sawyer, Cayman, Hendrix - Thanks for the jammies!

12.17.16  1st Annual Dickinson Place Party - Henry Farrell, Sawyer, Matthew Fay, Cayman, Brooks Farrell, Claire Davis, William Wonsmos, Grayson Barefield, Thomas Fay, Macy & Emmeline Davis, Lila Wonsmos

Santa Sawyer - Hook's Grandfather used to dress him as Santa and visit the Methodist homes in around Wadesboro and Charlotte, NC.

Mrs. Cayman Claus

12.18.16  Hopdoddy and Christmas Lights 2016.  It was darn cold!


Cayman's 2016 Ornament "Owl Room"

Sawyer's 2016 Ornament "Rockets"

12.20.16  They truly deserved it this year.  Amazon Prime, you are the devil.

12.20.16  What can we say, the girl likes her leopard.  Channeling her Mama G!

12.22.16  Nicolette gave Cayman make-up...

It was a good tree year.

12.24.16  Neighborhood adventure.


Santa cookie time!

12.25.16  Santa dropped off one of Cayman's gifts at Grandma and Grandpa's in Charlotte!  Meet Maggie the Percheron

The kids on Christmas morning.

That's a lot of pink Sawyer.

12.29.16  Impromptu birthday doughnuts playdate with our HPUMC crew!

Mom of the year, Jordan.

Pie in the Face - Houston, TX

12.30.16  The Woodlands, TX...aka. kid Mecca.

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet boy.


Sawyer, Cayman (5), Rowan (5), Reed (7)

Cake time!

Parent's night out!!!  Truluck's - The Woodlands, TX

12.31.16  And that's a wrap!  Here we come 2017!!!

2016.  It was a privilege.

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